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Home Made Bike Stand

Started by SemperVee, October 02, 2021, 08:06:34 AM

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Being a crafty practical type I cobbled together an easy wooden stand from ideas someone else started to see if it works prior to sending off for a store bought maint stand.  A piece of 4x4 and  some 2x4 would suffice with a  few hooks and long wood screws . This is not pretty but could work for those that need to get the wheel off the ground for derailleur, spoke, wheel, adjusting and chain cleaning. I hold it in place much the same way I strapped motorcycles in the bed of pickups and trailers. Maybe it will help someone... :^) We have 5 bikes and the ebikes weigh the most and hardest to deal with. Ugh.


Nice idea! Could you show a picture what is causing the rear wheel to be raised? I'm suspecting a piece of wood under the center, but can't see it touching the bike. Thanks!


  There is a small bracket attached to the Mini's that you cannot see as it is obscured by the crank arm.  It holds the mini's up when folded  keeping it balanced an the chain ring from resting on the ground.    :)

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