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Deflopilator problems

Started by danb123, October 01, 2021, 11:53:53 PM

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I have a new Radwagon 4 (bought June 2021). I've had one deflopilator break already. I installed a new one but the force is so great on it that it always eventually twists the flange end to one side which results in uneven tension when turning one way versus the other. I'm afraid the 2nd one is going to break as well. It seems like the spring tension is much greater than it needs to be. I was thinking about putting a spacer on the bolt to reduce it. Has anyone else had problems like this?


I wanted to add some additional info here. It appears that the deflopilator (deflopilater?) springs that you can order from Rad are not compatible with the newest Radwagon 4. There is no possibility to order the correct one, at least via website. I opened a support case with Rad and they will send me the correct springs (I ordered two) for free. However the one that broke is the correct one that shipped with the bike. So we will see if I still have problems.

I also noticed that if I rotate the eyelet 90 degrees that that in turn put the front spring in a better center aligned position. But in the install video it shows the eyelet in the original position where I had issues.


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