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I love cheap people.

Started by sc00ter, September 27, 2021, 06:49:16 AM

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So I replaced my RadRunner 1 with an E-Lux Malibu GT. Totally different ebike compared to the 'Runner but I really like it. So about cheap people..... I have a co-worker who's been looking into ebikes for over 2 years. He always says he waiting for the newest model to come out for the best value. Keep waiting and he'll never get one. So I tell him if he wants he can borrow my 'Runner for a few weeks and if he likes it its his for $500. It has the upgraded headlight, display, pogo post and nice seat (have original also), fenders, dual mirrors, SHAD 34 liter storage trunk, HipLok chain lock, Tannus inserts and a new rear tire. Battery has always been lovingly looked after. All keys, tool kit and owners manual accounted for. He never called about it. Had someone else interested but he asked if I'd do payments! It's $500, not $5000. Was going to give it to a friend but he can't lift it into his place and his 'hood is known for higher crime, so leaving it outside just won't work. I might try listing it here as well


Wow, $500 sounds like a pretty good deal.  Of course it can't really be shipped very easily.  Whereabouts are you in the world?


Norfolk, VA. I'm gonna post it on our works For Sale board also.


Sounds like you have $500 in stuff you addd so basically the bike is free. I'm really surprised they never called you.


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Yeah, maybe move up market and price higher. See that in sales a lot, especially when the paycheck to paycheck folks starts gravitating inbound.