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locking skewers for wheels and seat

Started by trepaning, September 25, 2021, 07:33:16 PM

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I am looking to add locking skewers fir the front and back wheels, and the seat. Any recommendation is appreciated, as is any info about sizes I need to be aware of.


I don't have a lot of accurate information about the front axle but, if I remember correctly, the front axle is 135 mm. Hopefully someone else can chime in and confirm the axle size.
The seat post on my Radwagon4 has two quick releases for the seat. The larger of the two, the outer one, is 34.9 mm and the smaller inner one is 30.9 mm. I believe the rest of the rad bikes have a 27.2 mm seat post. I could be wrong though so you'd better double check first. If you take out the seat post the size is usually stamped on them near the bottom.
I'm also looking to replace the quick release systems for something a little bit more theft preventative so I've been looking at several types. I have settled on the "Pin Head" system but haven't ordered them yet as I haven't confirmed the axle size.


I mentioned HexLox in a previous post.  This is the locking nut security I've looked into.  Haven't pulled the trigger yet.  IDK why?   LOL
I'm an RW4 owner. I'm not using any of these ancient forums. (ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM). Instead look for @joelhuebner, joel.huebner,, joel52334.
That's where you will find me.
This forum uses UTC time. GMT-0.  I'm at GMT-5 CDT.



Lantzco, that seat lock looks pretty interesting. I'm not interested in the helmet lock as I simply put my lock, cable, chain or whatever I'm using through the helmet straps but definitely interested in the seat clamp/lock.

That hexlox mentioned also got my interest. Still checking out the sizes I need though.


Quote from: Lantzco on October 01, 2021, 02:25:51 AM
I have this one on my bike 32mm, works great...

I will be ordering one today.

Info just received from RAD Support:
RadMission Seat Clamp Post Diameter: 31.8mm


Got the seat lock, very pleased. I now see the seat itself is one allen key away from being removed from the post, so I will put some glue in the hole to stop a key from being able to be used unless the hole is cleaned out.

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