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Front brake issue

Started by Radrider, September 20, 2021, 07:43:47 AM

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My rw4 came 2 wks ago.  I think the brake caliper cable locking bolt was missing.  After I installed front wheel I had hard time getting it to spin freely but finally did.  But I think there is supposed to be a bolt on bottom of caliper that tightens the cable to it?

Radding Along

The brake cable is secured to the caliper via a pinch bolt securing the cable. If your wheel is locked up after assembly, then you can be assured the cable is attached and there is no missing bolt.

You do have an adjuster for the cable on the caliper, as well as the handlebar brake lever. But when the bike is new, those adjusters are screwed all the way in, so you have future adjustability after the cable begins stretching.

I suspect what happened to you, is:
A: The circular silver pad adjuster on the caliper needs to be clicked out once or twice to back it off the rotor. That should allow the wheel to spin freely. But in doing so, you will notice the brake lever will pull in closer to the  handlebar. At that point you need to loosen the pinch bolt holding the brake cable to the caliper and move the caliper arm up a little and then tighten the cable back down. That should set the correct tension on brake lever.

Keep in mind that the brake rotor may have been dinged during shipping and a bit wobbly, causing brake drag. The rotor can be straitened with a special rotor straightening tool. I don't believe they cost that much. You could use plyers, but that may damage the rotor.

Radding Along

A bit of a warning. Do not totally unscrew the circular pad adjuster to a point where you remove it from the caliper. There is a spring putting tension on a ball bearing that gives you the clicking sensation when adjusting the pads. If you totally remove the adjuster, the spring and ballbearing will fall out and it's a bear to put back in.

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