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Beers with ... or "Ask the Man Who Owns One"

Started by Rob R, September 15, 2021, 02:53:17 PM

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Rob R

I am considering the purchase of a RadWagon 4. I could waste countless hours grinding through the Internet and watching YouTube videos all to learn much less than I would by simply talking to someone who already has lived through the purchase I am considering. In line with the old Packard advertising slogan, "Ask the Man Who Owns One", I am offering to buy you one (or several) beers, listen attentively to your every word on the subject of the RadWagon 4, and take copious notes.

You need not be a Man, or a Woman, or even a Human (presuming that you are of legal drinking age for ETs). If you are a Child then I'm afraid beers are out but if you can come up with an age-appropriate substitute (and bring along a parent or guardian) then I'd be interested in whatever you have to say on this topic.

So far I know very little except for the video introduction which sounded like the world's longest legal disclaimer and that the kickstand springs aren't all that they can be.

I live in New York City so it would probably be easiest if you lived or worked here too.



I have owned a Rad Wagon 4 for a year now and have been very happy with the bike. I use it mainly for short trips to the store or rides with my four-year old kid. I live in Seattle, so in-person beers are out of the question, but I'm happy to answer questions. My bike, I think, was one of the first to ship with the kick stand springs falling off, but once installed correctly they have not been an issue.

Rob R


What are the two or three things that you would have wished you knew when you first got the bike? For example - on the kickstand/springs issue would you have just bought the aftermarket kickstand-holder-in-place? Or would you have had a bike shop set it up out of the box?

Would you consider going bicycle camping with the RadWagon 4 presuming there's an electrical outlet available (campground) if you need to recharge?

What *wouldn't* you consider doing with the bike?


Rob R


I'm thinking many on this site have NO idea what a Packard is, or even ridden in one.  lol
RadRunner Plus


Hi Rob,
I've owned my Radwagon 4 since July 2021. I wouldn't hesitate to go cycle camping with it. I bought mine to take the place of a car, get some exercise and use for cycle camping.

Once Rad Power Bikes finally gets the large basket and some running boards in stock I'm going to get them and install them and get groceries with it.

No issues thus far with the kickstand springs. Mine appear to have been installed with the springs situated different from the pictures I saw of some failed ones. Not sure, maybe someone new was installing them incorrectly?

I ride mine on pavement, gravel (rail trails), grass etc. I would not attempt to down hill bike or mountain bike with it. It's too big, too heavy and not designed for it.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

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