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Rear-View Safety Camera for RadWagon 4

Started by Luxonis-Brandon, September 12, 2021, 08:03:01 PM

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Hi everyone,

First post, but we love our Rad Power Bikes.  We've got a Rad Wagon 4, with just about every accessory you can put on it, and a Rad City, which is a lot more basic.

So being a huge fan of riding bikes, I've been working on a smart spatial AI camera that can tell when you're at risk from distracted drivers.  You know, the folks who are texting, drifting over into the bike lane, and about to kill you. 

Here it is on the back of my RadWagon 4:

The software for using this for safety while riding is still in its infancy - so for now this is more for folks who are willing to poke at a Raspberry Pi - but it's already working pretty well.

The video below shows what is easy to get up/running quickly with this device and a Pi mounted on the RadWagon 4 (or any other Rad Power Bike with the USB power port).

In the video above, it's on a normal bike - so a USB battery bank was used.  On Rad Power bikes, it should be fine to just use the built-in USB port on the handlebars.

We also are working on a version that doesn't require the Pi.  That can just give you results back to your smartphone over WiFi or Bluetooth.


Once we have a plug-and-play solution we'll post it back here in case anyone else wants to use it.



That's a pretty cool idea; keep us posted and ........ Let's Go, Brandon!   ;)
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.

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