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Any Tucson Riders? The 136-mile Loop beckons...

Started by RJ in Tucson, September 09, 2021, 11:18:33 PM

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RJ in Tucson

Anyone want to Ride America's #i Trail System with me sometime? USA Today voted Tucson's Chuck Huckelberry Loop shared-use trail the #1 trail system in the nation in 2021. It is an amazing 136 mile system that actually connects directly to about another 40-50 miles of trail as well. 

I'm retired and ride it 4-5X per week. I see a dozen or more ebikes every time I'm out there. I mention this because Pima Count P&R manages the Loop and they currently list ebikes as prohibited. There is tremendous local pressure to allow at least Class I and II ebikes and I expect the rule to be dropped this year.

The reality is that ebikes freely and regularly use the Loop and there is no enforcement of the rule.  Ride responsibly and mostly pedal and you will blend right in. Ebike users are welcomed as just another rider would be.

The State of Arizona gives Class I and II ebikes the same rights and privileges as analog bikes but the Loop still says no ebikes. I've been told the reason is that the County thinks they are somehow more shielded from liability with the ban in place.

Meantime, let's ride!


Good for you!  You paid for it, so use it.  Ignore random tyranny.
I saw the Bolton video about it; looks like a great trail to ride.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


the loop, i hit a small piece of it on the way to work, hellye

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