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Reuse 2019 radwagon motor wheel

Started by Thebenpink, September 04, 2021, 11:41:50 PM

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New to the forum, so please direct me if this belongs somewhere else!

I bought a heavily modded radwagon from a friend (bafang mid drive motor conversion) and it still has the original rear wheel with motor. I'm going to get a new rear wheel built to cut out the extra weight and magnet drag, but am wondering the following:

1) what would I need to build out a separate ebike using the radwagon wheel/motor? I know I need a controller, a screen, and a battery, but if I want to run it throttle only, do I need a pas sensor and wheel sensor fro speedometer? Any recommendations on a bike frame to build onto? Do Rad screens and motor controller show up second hand? What type of cabling do I need for thai build?

2) any recommendations for replacement 26" rear wheels for the radwagon? The original has 12gauge spokes. To have one built will be over $200, so if there's a good resource to buy a sturdy rear wheel for a cargo bike I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks to all!


Your list is correct: Controller, screen, and battery, though you also need the wiring harness, and brakes with motor cutoff switches. You do not need a pedal assist sensor, just plug the connector going into the controller for it to keep it dry. A rubber vacuum cap from an auto parts store will work nicely. The speedometer function is built into the motor, so no need for a separate speedometer, and you can set your wheel size on the display.


That's helpful. Do you happen to have links where to get the parts mentioned that will work with the rad motor?

Also, do I NEED brake cutoff switches, if I'm just running throttle? I have a half twist throttle on the radwagon and it's intuitive to let go of the throttle when I brake. 

Also unsure about what i need to check to make sure the radwagon wheel will fit, and the rad site doesn't list the axel width and other dimensions etc.

The bike I have has 29" wheels, but i've read about 69er mtb's and figure I could try it and then get a cheap 26" mtb if it doesn't ride well.

Still looking for a strong rear wheel for the wagon. All the disc brake compatible 26" wheels I've found have 14 gauge spokes, and I'm worried the weight I carry will be too much.

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