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Tires for Radrover 5 suggestions

Started by santacruzpaul, September 04, 2021, 10:14:18 AM

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Quote from: JeffCal on December 21, 2021, 11:35:05 AM
Folding or wire bead?

Wire bead 30 TPI, I am an old guy and need all the flat protection I can get,
Was thinking about using Flat Out, May go flat out instead of Slime because of Bolton Review,


Got my first rear flat on my 2019 RR couple months ago (prior to cold and snow) at ~ 1000 miles on original Kenda's.  I was in no real rush to fix the flat due to recent weather here in SE Michigan.   :'(  I recently patched the rear tube and reinstalled the rear tire.  Good news is that that patch is holding air pretty good, but the bad news is that the rear rim/tire assembly seem to be off balance.  There's a huge wobble when the rim/time assembly rotates making the bike unrideable.  I can't compare to original condition, but it looks like maybe the bead on one side may be seated lower that the rest.  Is this even possible?  Any way to fix?  After 1000 miles I am confident that the rear tire needs to be replace, but this really isn't a possibility as it appears that nearly everybody is out of stock on decent Fat Tire's.  I did place an order at Sportsman Guide for a pair of Kenda Krusade Anti-puncture Tires, but they are on back order until April.  Any experience with these Kenda Krusade tires?  I need to get the current wheel wobble fixed as I am doing some performance mods (35A Controller, Dual Battery, etc.) and I need to safely demo the mods.  Any insight on new tires and current wheel wobble is appreciated. 

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