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Adult stabilizer for Rad City step-thru?

Started by AndiM, August 31, 2021, 04:12:33 PM

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Bought new Rad City step-thru last year. Before I could ride it for the first time, I developed permanent leg muscle weakness. Anyone know if this bike can be modified with a stabilizer making it similar to a trike?


Do you mean something like an outrigger on a boat or sidecar on a motorcycle?  Interesting question; don't know if such things exist, but I'm wondering about what it would do to bike geometry for handing turns since the bike frame wasn't designed with one in mind.

Good luck in your search, but if you don't turn anything up there are electric trikes out there and I'm sure you could sell your Rad without too much difficulty, especially in a time of e-bike shortages and extended delivery times, to cover most of the cost of an e-trike.
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