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Pedal Assist Inconsistent

Started by Jimws, August 23, 2021, 04:01:31 PM

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I have had my 2021 RadCity bike approx 3 wks now with 100 miles recorded.  Great bike, but my ability to change the PAS lvl is inconsistent.  When stopped adjusting from 1 to 5, up or down is a simple light touch.  When pedaling and increasing PAS up from 1 to 5 is normally no problem.   Decreasing the PAS however as the Hill is crested or simply going down the hill while changing to a higher gear is the problem.  Oftentimes I need to depress the decrease PAS button multiple times & then visually check to verify the change taking my eyes off the road/trail.  Is this normal?  Anybody else have this problem.  Suggestions anyone?


You could try the following:

Trace the wire from the button cluster to the first plug, then carefully unplug and reseat it a few times (be sure to line up the arrows on the two housing halfs). You can trace the wire even farther and check/replug other connectors if necessary.

The buttons respond best to straight on pushes (if you ever ride in the winter with heavy gloves you won't believe how hard they can be to actuate, but there are solutions to that problem). Pay attention to how your down button is being actuated, as opposed to the up one. For instance, if you are having to reach farther with your finger to hit the down button, you can loosen the screw that secures the button cluster housing and carefully rotate it so both actuation motions are relatively straight on and  comfortably the same, then carefully retighten the screw.

I wouldn't try disassembling the button cluster housing (it is screwed together) and cleaning the switch of an in-warranty bike without checking with Rad first. The may ask for a video of your switch not working before they send you a new one, if you're comfortable doing the required replacement work.


Thanks, I'll chk  out your recommendations. 


Had a very similar issue with my wifes rad city 3, after all sorts of troubleshooting, it turned out to be a faulty display. Once I replaced the display, my wife said it was like a "new and improved" bike.

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