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Started by Albert George, August 23, 2021, 09:51:11 AM

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Albert George

HI Everyone,

I just had a really positive phone call with a big bike shop in my area. i called 4 bike shops and they all said they do not work on any electric bikes which disappointed me.

We just ordered 2 Mini ST 2 ......and see numerous post about people having some issues so I wanted a local shop to take my issues to if I had any.

So the last call was to this particular bike shop and they said they work on Rads all the time ....I asked what they though of the quality and they mentioned they thought they were great. And then then went on to say that Dominoes Pizza bought 10000 Rads for their stores as delivery vehicles......and they also said that they tested over 15 different brands before picking Rads as their go to delivery bike. The bike shop assembled all the bikes for Dominos to test. And the bike shop thought overall the Rads were the best EBIKES of them all.

Obviously Dominoes thought the same with their 10000 count initial order.

After hearing this info I firmly believe I made the right choice in buying Rads.

We live near the Dominoes headquarters in Michigan where all their testing was done and thats how the bike shop got the account to assemble all the bikes.

The bike shop assembled about 60 bikes from 15 different brands for Dominoes.........when Dominoes placed their order the bikes were shipped to the stores boxed and local bike shops assembled them.


I have over 3000 miles on my RadMini 4, and I would have to classify it as well built and tough. There's some things Rad does not even tell you about, like triangular reinforcements inside the tubes to strengthen the frame, and under-rating the capacity to give an extra margin of safety. I have watched other brands of folding bikes come un-latched while riding on smooth pavement, with one guy almost hitting a utility pole when his Lectric XP came open. However, Rad used a triple action mechanism that requires a lever to be opened, rotated, and lifted against the force of a spring before it will un-latch.


Cool story thanks for sharing, that's so great to see Dominos goin' big on eBikes!