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RadRunner 1 Chain Hop

Started by David Langham, August 11, 2021, 06:13:41 PM

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David Langham

Just got a brand new RadRunner yesterday. Hopped on, chain skipping on rear free wheel. Chain tensioner aligned, and chain at good tension. Called Rad who stated this is a "known defect" and are working on it. Said to take it to bike shop and remove 2 chain links. Bike shop refused and stated chain and free wheel are defect. Anyone else have this issue? Returning bike.


  We both have that issue on our brand new City bike 3's.  It has mostly disappeared on hers not on mine.  RAD online article recommended backing out the adjustment wheel one turn clockwise as they cable may be too tight.  We have gear change without input from us.


Just learn how to remove the 2 links yourself. You purchased a mail order ebike and self service is sometimes required. My RadRunner 1 did the same thing. It got much better with some miles on it. We RadRunner 1 owners have discussed this in more depth in the RadRunner sub-form.


It's weird that a bike shop would refuse a legitimate request like that. Maybe they don't know what they are doing, or are too snooty.
Is there only one bike shop in town? I would do it for free if you were nearby.


Quote from: Altema on August 29, 2021, 07:20:15 PM
It's weird that a bike shop would refuse a legitimate request like that. Maybe they don't know what they are doing, or are too snooty.
Is there only one bike shop in town? I would do it for free if you were nearby.

My RW4 did the same thing. RW4 has a very long chain. I didn't see any photo of what the Rear Derailer Guard was to be positioned. I came to discover that the guard was bent in ~30 degrees in shipping, so my chain wouldn't properly shift. As I was trying to "follow the manual" in setting it up, I bent a link...UGG.  I called to support or sent in a support ticket...IDK.  They did (after 8 weeks) send me a chain with a splice link for free.  The original OEM chain had NO SPLICE LINK.   FYI
I'm an RW4 owner. I'm not using any of these ancient forums. (ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM). Instead look for @joelhuebner, joel.huebner,, joel52334.
That's where you will find me.
This forum uses UTC time. GMT-0.  I'm at GMT-5 CDT.


Just took my new radrunner for a very short ride, about 10 yards.  I have the exact same problem and got the same bad advice from customer service.  There is something wrong with the hub sprocket.  Chain and tensioner are fine and aligned properly.  Pedaling with moderate force especially on a tiny incline causes a slip.  Bike is at an authorized repair shop on Day 1 with no usage due to this slippage issue.  Unbelievable.

Radding Along

Check with Rad customer service. I think they may have a replacement part now to correct this issue.


I purchased two of the Rad Runners for Xmas and both had the chain hop problem.  Rad sent me two new tensioners that have a slight different design to them.  First the spring tension using a small scale on the old ones measured about 1.5 lbs of tension where as the new ones read about 4 lbs of tension, much strong tension on the chain.
Second the mounting bolt is fixed and causes the angle of the tensioner to be at a different angle (more forward away from rear gear) causing the chain to be further around the rear gear and at a stronger tension and just like magic the chain skipping problem is solved.

Radio Runner

I mounted a real derailleur to solve the issue. Plenty of chain wrap and better tension with 2 pulleys.


Hope this is not too off topic, BUT,
Most local bike repair shops won't touch a Radbike here in Santa Cruz, Ca. They cater to their own sales of stocked e-bikes, Even bike repair shops that don't sell e-bikes won't touch them, I have been to shops here for repairs on the Radrover that will accept them,  and the quality of works is WELL below standard, I used to be a machinist in my younger days, And can do all and any repairs myself, BUT can no longer do so due to my age and this old body is giving out.

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