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The New Rad Power Bikes Conestoga rain cover

Started by Ryan, August 07, 2021, 12:24:49 PM

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Does anybody have more experience with this by now? Wondering how feasible it is with two Yepp seats - planning to ride with a four year old and a 1 year old soon.


Hello, i've been using the cover since last fall (2021), and i must say with the flaps down, even with my weith of almost 120kg, 1 heavy child and some bags loaded, you really have to pay attention when there are really heavy side winds in an open field, because obviously it catches a lot of wind...
For me it's ok, i can handle it, counterweight it with my body mass, but i can imagine that for some people this might be very tricky.
But overall i'm super happy with the cover because now even in bad weather my daughter stays dry  :)


Thanks Charly, you're the first person to actually talk about the obvious elephant in the room, the fact that this thing might act as a sail, catch wind and influence your steering direction. Good to call that out, ups and downs should be mentioned in any review really.

I got mine delivered recently but haven't been motivated yet to mount it (currently enjoying my first flat tire, 2 days after mounting the Rad Tannus armour kit...).

And if you don't mind me asking what happened to the roof straps, aren't there supposed to be 2 straps with clips to hold these side doors when riding open?


Yes there 2 straps with buckles that let you hold the folded sides on the roof easily. Having said that wind still has obvious effect on Conestoga even after the sides are rolled up.

I have been using the Conestoga for the last 6 months and I though I would remove them for the Summer. Glad I didn't do that as it saved my life a couple of times when there were sudden rain. It also gives additional storage spaces.

And hey don't forget about the additional benefit that it gives you very high visibility on the road! The large surface area makes you feel like you are driving a tuk tuk.


Quote from: Ryan on October 28, 2021, 07:31:15 AM
I am working on getting a video out but we are loving the Conestoga. We initially had issues with tight zippers but we just had to adjust it slightly on the frame. I agree with the other comment related to being able to remove/re-attach the frame easily. This is one of those things that you'll probably put on and leave on at least for the colder season. Otherwise just leave the side windows up when it is warm or opting for the sun cover instead. In my opinion it's well made and it protects our son from the elements though so far he has wanted the "windows" up to get airflow when given the option  8)

It's one of those accessories that is expensive but if you're using this as a car replacement like we often are then it makes more sense.

@ryan, I'm having issues with tight zippers. Any tips with how you adjusted it slightly on the frame to get it to work better? I'm trying everything but there's too much "tug" on the canvas.


@eaterofjellybeans.  First time, go really slow. Zip the back zippers up before the front ones and just generally slowly push things around until it closes fully the first time. Then put it out in the sunshine for as long as possible. It'll then relax and get easier.

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