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New RadRover Step Thru shipped with different tires

Started by Pdub, August 06, 2021, 12:35:21 PM

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Hello Everyone,

I am a new forum member.  This forum and Ryan's videos were an invaluable source of information prior to me purchasing a new RadRover 5 and a RadRover Step Thru. I placed the order in early July and just received the bikes this week.  A week after placing my order, I was given the option to wait for the RadRover 6, but I declined as it would be a couple more months before they shipped.  The RadRover Step Thru arrived today and it does not have Kenda Juggernaut tires.   It arrived with Vee Tire Co. Mission Command Tires???  They do not have the reflective side wall stripe, so Rad added these very ugly reflectors to the wheels.  I called Rad and the agent I spoke with was dumbfounded.  He had no idea why the bike was shipped with those tires.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?  Does anyone know anything about these tires?  The Rad rep did agree to send me a new set of Juggernauts.  Should I replace with the new Juggernauts or roll with the Mission Command tires?


So trying to interpret your concern. Is Rad going to send you a new set of Juggernaut tires and you get to keep the ones you have? I doubt they would want you to return them, if that is the case you will have 2 sets.


No concern really.  I was just curious if anyone else has received a new bike with different tires. Rad promotes their "Rad" branded Kenda puncture resistant tires and my bike shows up with something different. My other question, was if anyone has any experience with this brand of tires.  Yes, I will have an extra set of tires.

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