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Large Front mount basket for mini

Started by PRH28, August 01, 2021, 11:26:09 AM

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Any feedback on the front mount large basket for the rad mini? Does it get in the way of folding? Can I still fold and put it in the bin I've seen used for transport. Trying to decide between front large basket or back rack with basket?


I purchased [2] 64 gallon totes for both mini's.  Most totes, (50 gal and 64 gallon) have the height of 21 inches. I do not have a front basket but, if your wheel base is 20", the basket should clear the tote.  I went with the 64 gallon as it gave me just a bit more room in front to pad if needed and also found the taper from top to bottom was more square than the 50 gallon tote.  They were 49.00 ea. at Lowes. The wheels also make it easy to move around which may answer your other question about your SUV.  I put both bikes in totes to our van with no problems.  The totes are both 23" wide but have to know that your handle bars will extend down out of the tote taking more real estate in your SUV.


My GF bought the large Rad basket for her Mini step-thru and I installed it.  We never thought about this, but because the basket is attached to the front of the bike frame with the 4 screws, it means that the basket doesn't turn with the front wheel but points in the direction of the frame (so it "lags" the turns, if that makes sense).  After riding with it for awhile, she had me remove it because she said that it was affecting her sense of balance when riding and turning.

I have the Lowe's Craftsman 50 gallon bin and just used it for the first time a couple of days ago on my non-step thru Mini (but not with her bike and the basket). I did eyeball her bike just now, and it seems to me that the basket would be an impediment when folding in half and putting it in the bin.  Next time I do it, I'll keep an eye out and report back...


Quote from: RandyS on August 23, 2021, 07:51:04 means that the basket doesn't turn with the front wheel but points in the direction of the frame

After riding thousands of miles with fork mounted front racks (that turn) and frame mounted front racks (that don't), I never want to ride another bike with a load that flops around when you turn the handlebars. I was overjoyed to see Rads came standard with threaded frame bosses for fixed front racks, a big reason I  choose Rad over alternatives (and several dogs I know have indicated they appreciate the more stable ride too).

Just saying that there are other takes on the situation, and I'd be the first to admit that a fixed front rack can seem a bit squirrely at first and take some getting used to but most do with time (and I should be a worst case as I have balance issues).


Thanks for the clarification, John...I know that some people would probably prefer the frame-mounted baskets...I can always put it back on later if she changes her mind...I think she probably needs some additional time to get used to the bike....Thanks.