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Modifying the Rad runner for the height challenged.

Started by Jessica, July 29, 2021, 09:43:39 PM

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Hey all,

I am a very new owner of a rad runner. My question concerns my height and my balance. I can just about get my feet flat on the ground when I sit and tilt as forward as possible. My seat is at the lowest it can be. When I'm alone on the bike it's fine, but when I ride with my daughter hanging on in the passenger seat, I feel more wobbly and less able to get my feet down to stop, especially when going downhill. My question is can the rad runner be fitted to a 16" tire instead of the 20's I currently have? If possible, I think it might help my overall ability to get my feet down and also be able to bring the seat UP just a touch so that my pedaling position is also correct.
Knowing this might decrease the length with which I am willing to go to find platform sneakers! ;)

Thanks for any help regarding height or ability to modify. It's not the end of the world, but I might just sick to my Taga cargo bike when taking my daughter with me to increase my overall enjoyment of the ride.


Might be doable, but might be expensive if you have to pay someone to do it for you and you might end up with some handling and reliability issues that would detract from overall RR rideability/joy factor:

1) 16x front wheels with discs are readily available in sizes up to ~2.4" width, but the 3.0" width of the OEM RR might be a bit more
    difficult to match and  you'd  have to find something with a compatible length over locknuts (LOL) and axle size. You might also
    need a different caliper mounting adapter for your existing brakes to line up with the disc on the new wheel, or you may need
   different  brakes entirely.

2) On the rear, you MIGHT be able to find someone that could custom cut spokes and relace your rear hub motor to a new 16" rim BUT,
    the shortness of the new spokes would lead to what some might consider too extreme lacing angles/patterns, which might lead to
    excessive breakage and loosening problems. Some wheel builders may flat out refuse to put together such a combination, especially
    it they have to guarantee it.

3) The overall load carrying capacity of the RR with the new smaller wheels/tires may end up being LESS than the OEM Rad numbers.

4) Your kickstand would require modification, and might be more prone to dragging/snagging.

5) Your bottom bracket would be WAY lower, which may result in your pedals striking the pavement (more) if you have to  pedal when
     leaned over in a turn (or even over undulating ground). Could be VERY dangerous.

Good luck, I have dwarf legs and therefor have similar dreams and seem to always be slightly tippy/uncomfortable on most of my bikes.

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