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RadRunner 1 Specific Air Suspension Forks

Started by KinLL, July 29, 2021, 12:59:46 AM

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I decided to design my own suspension air forks for 20 inch wheels to match the RadRunner1. These forks are designed so that geometry is not negatively affected on the Runner1 (10mm increase in wheelbase, centre stand can still be used). The steerer tube has been increased to better fit the Runner1's long head tube. I have 2 prototypes for testing in;

Single Crown - RR34SC 20" Wheel

34mm Diameter Black Anodized Aluminium Stanchions

42mm Diameter Magnesium Lower Legs

70mm travel

Air Compression adjustment + Lockout

Weight - 2.04Kg / 4.5Lbs


Double Crown - RR34DC 20" Wheel

34mm Diameter Black Anodized Aluminium Stanchions

42mm Diameter Magnesium Lower Legs

75mm travel

Air Compression + Rebound adjustment + Lockout

Weight - 2.72Kg / 6.0Lbs

Both forks will come with all fitting parts (crown race, star nut, new shorter conical spacer + additional normal spacers, post mount adapter for brake calliper 180mm). Decals are ready for print to apply to each production fork for shipping.

I'll be posting updates on this forks testing and install.

I have the forks in for testing today. Once they have passed QC tests (about a week from now), I'll be taking orders. Pricing approx. until Testing completed.

PM me with your location and desired fork, if you are interested in one of these forks.

These forks will likely work for the RadRunner+, but I wont have been able to test on that frame.


I don't speak fork specs concerning the differences but you have my attention. Keep us updated!


Definitely super interested - looking forward to updates!

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