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RadCity won’t turn on

Started by cam.arroyo, July 18, 2021, 03:34:13 PM

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Ok so long story a Radcity step thru back in June, worked fantastic for a few weeks. One day it stopped turning on. I checked all the connections, replaced the battery fuses, nothing. I reached out to RadPower for a replacement wiring harness and controller. Installed the replacements today, and still nothing. I'm beyond frustrated with my experience so far and even took it to a bike shop for them to look at. Anyone have any ideas as to what it may be because I feel like I ran through the whole checklist?


Does the battery charge?
Can you get your hands on a multimeter?
I'd check the voltage across the battery terminals (try it with the key in the three positions)
Then with the controller connected, see if you're getting 5V to the display from the controller.


Did you end up finding the culprit? I was actually on the phone with support today with the same problem.

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