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No Tyre Pressure Anywhere

Started by TIN CAN, July 13, 2021, 08:34:46 AM

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Just got a new RadRunner, the manual says check for correct pressure on tyres

Nothing there, no data at all!

I am a tyre pressure nut!

My best guess is 40 to 50 PSI

What say you?


All tire manufacturers put the max PSI as part of the mold on every tire.  It may be difficult to find. Use some sidewalk chalk. Rub it on all the bumps on the tire.  The manufacturer name, model, and size should be there also. 

I need my 3x magnifiers for such work.  A handheld magnifying lens will do the same/better.  I had Corvair's in HS & College, that's the one vehicle where manufacturers' suggested tire pressure is CRITICAL.

Good luck!
I'm an RW4 owner. I'm not using any of these ancient forums. (ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM). Instead look for @joelhuebner, joel.huebner,, joel52334.
That's where you will find me.
This forum uses UTC time. GMT-0.  I'm at GMT-5 CDT.

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