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Pride & Joy / Re: RadWagon in the snowy Alps
« on: August 09, 2020, 01:28:56 PM »
I’d like to know where you got those snow tires. I live in Massachusetts and in the winter we get quite a bit of snow- I have been looking for a good set for my Radwagon.

Rad Modifications / Accessories so far with my Radwagon 3....
« on: June 11, 2020, 12:53:47 PM »
I have had my radwagon 3 for a few months now and I am in love with this bike.

Things I have added so far:
I sticker bombed the running boards/ bought the large rack and basket with basket bag for the front/ got 2 rhinowalk black waterproof pannier bags sets/ Got 2 xtracycle x3 cargo bags/Got “The biker” large 30L insulated waterproof “pizza” delivery bag that I use for when I go grocery shopping for refrigerated and frozen items **all bags are interchangeable depending on my needs//2 cat eye bar end bike mirrors which are phenomenal and I highly recommend purchasing one (You really only need one it shows a full road view, but I like things symmetrical)/ Topcabin handlebar extender- this one mounts to the stem near the LCD display it’s not one of those c-clamp mounted handlebar extenders those tend to move around- this extender is extremely sturdy and doesn’t jostle around over bumps and fits the radwagon perfectly/ Got a Cycle Torch Shark 500 front and rear light set/ a Leccer Waterproof cycling intercom Bluetooth speaker with hands free calling (mounted to the handlebar extender) This speaker is LOUD and the hands free calling feature is a MUST when riding and people can clearly hear you. this speaker is much better than the rival Uppel waterproof cycling intercom with Bluetooth speaker, hands free calling, light, phone mount, and usb charger all in one device but my phone, which is in an otter box case, couldn’t stay in the mount especially when I hit a bump; and the plastic clips that hold ur phone on break easily and the microphone for hands free calling sucked- no one could ever hear you talking and I had 2 of these Uppel devices and they both sucked in that regard - cool concept but not 100% on execution// I also got the quad lock phone mount + waterproof cover- great mount/ Vanfrost rechargeable 120 Decibel electric bike horn with 3 sound modes- cars can hear this horn as well as people with soundproof headphones I recommend this especially if you ride around in a densely populated city like I do and you need to be heard constantly./ added 2 Daway LED waterproof spoke lights that features 32 different designs which switch up on their own as you ride- they are really cool I just zip tied those on

Things I want to do/get for my radwagon:
-Swagtron Swaglight for the front wheel
-Get 2 DOM gorilla cages for the front fork with the mount adapters and dry bags
-get a Tubus Tara lowrider cycle rack for the front wheel for another pannier bag setup with mount adapter for the fork
        **The 2 above mentioned items being interchangeable depending on my needs
-get a portable rechargeable generator and solar panel setup with a second bike battery so I can ride with one battery on the bike and the other one can be charging simultaneously and I will never run outta juice when I want to go bike touring
I think that’s all the additions I want to make. this bike can handle it all and then some. So happy with my bike, although it would have been nice if I had waited 2 months before purchasing my radwagon cuz they just came out with the radwagon 4 and they have it in black and I would have much rather had that.

Rad Modifications / Radwagon 3 boomerang GPS tracker???
« on: June 11, 2020, 09:46:26 AM »
Any other Radwagon 3 owners know if the boomerang GPS tracker can mount to the existing water bottle cage mounting point? Or will it be necessary to purchase the Boomerang mounting accessory?

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