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Front Fork RR6+ makes a tick

Started by Fredved, May 08, 2022, 11:00:32 AM

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Hi all,

New Radowner here!
Since the beginning my bike makes a sound (tick/cllick) when I go over a bump. The sound seems to come from my front fork, as i removed the fender to check.

Any guesses what this could be and how to solve? Thanks in advance!



That may be a loose spoke or spokes; loose ones can make that ticking sound.  My MiniST ticks in the rear, no bump needed, so I'm about to haul it up on a stand to do some spoke tightening.  There are YouTube videos on this, some illustrated with Rad bikes, showing how to do it.  Search on something like "bike wheel ticking" or clicking to turn them up.
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Radding Along

Yes, I agree. It could be loose spokes. But it could also be a loose headset. Pick the front end up and shake the handlebars back and forth very quickly. Listen for the clicking sound. Customers are famous for not tightening their headsets properly.


Thanks! I really think the sound comes from the suspension part 😔