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RadExpand 5 Plus Review

Started by Ryan, July 09, 2024, 09:25:37 AM

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Hopefully, this helps those considering the RadExpand 5 Plus. The RadExpand 5 (non-plus) was kind of a letdown for RadMini owners, particularly with the lack of suspension. With the RadExpand 5 Plus, they finally brought it back but the frame is largely the same as the original RadMini which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The frame is still accessible but you still have the external mounted components that many brands have gone away from. I think at the $2,099 price point there are clearly tons of other folding ebikes to consider but if you value a torque sensor, there are less options - at least from reputable brands.

On our review unit one of the blinkers did not work - Rad sent a replacement light but it turns out it is the controller. At least it should be easy to replace since it is externally mounted.

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Here's my pros and cons list after putting some decent mileage on the RadExpand 5 Plus.
  • Torque sensor
  • More powerful motor
  • Safe Shield (resin-filled) and UL Certified battery
  • 2-year warranty with US-based support
  • BMX style handlebars are far superior to the "T" handlebars
  • Great for shorter riders and it's supper accessible
  • Front suspension fork added
  • Hydraulic disc brakes though a lesser known brand with Gemma brakes
  • Still only Class 2 speeds
  • Cadence at 20 mph is still pretty fast (gearing could be improved)
  • Not great for taller riders like me
  • I like the horizontal display on the Radster models better
  • Pretty firm saddle