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Radster Road Review

Started by Ryan, July 09, 2024, 09:12:02 AM

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A bit of a delay here but I just finished reviewing all of the new Rad Power Bikes models and wanted to share some thoughts on the Radster Road. Overall I think Rad delivered a lot of what people wanted, namely class 3 speeds, torque sensor option and a more powerful motor. It launched at $1,999 but now is $2,199 certainly putting it out of reach for some and above some (most?) of the competing ebikes. It's a bit odd having the RadCity 5 Plus still offered though it does come in at a much more affordable $1,699 though without all of the benefits of the Radster Road. I'm curious to see what happens there.

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Here's a short list of pros and cons:
  • Looks cool: Unique frame but the biggest thing is the two size offerings (a first for Rad)
  • Fast: Class 3 ebike, capable of reaching up to 28 mph with pedal assist.
  • Smooth Ride: New torque sensor provides a natural and responsive riding experience and isn't too hard to hit speeds into the 20's.
  • Functional Display: Color LCD display that's easy to use and the RFID tags are a cool bonus.
  • Riding position: The riding position is still pretty relaxed for it not having an adjustable stem. The BMX-inspired bars also allow you to easily accessorize.
  • Price: Just on the upper end compared to competing ebikes.
  • Heavy: At 74.5 lb I wonder if it's too heavy for some folks.
  • Accessibility: The size regular has a lower standover height than the size large so just be aware of this. It's still more accessible than a high step ebike

Curious what everyone else thinks.


thanks for this. at some point, i'll get something more commuter friendly than my RR6+ - because i already have two semi-integrated batteries, moving onto this bike seems like a natural fit, albeit the price.

that price definitely makes it more expensive than some of the other bikes i'm looking at, like the Aventon level 2. then again, i may sit tight and see how the next year goes re mid-drives, belts, etc.


The ebike market seems to be saturating now.  Holding off might get you a better deal in a year or so.  The used market is getting dirt cheap.

Also the issue now - batteries have a higher import tax from China.  So that might not allow prices to lower much.   


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