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RadRunner 2 35A upgrade settings

Started by mtsux, July 05, 2024, 07:19:46 AM

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Hi All. Longtime lurker, first-time poster.

I just installed the 35A Controller and LCD Panel from Electro Bike World for my Rad Runner 2. I couldn't figure out how to program it for max speed, so I emailed EBW and asked for guidance. They sent me the settings table below. I programmed as suggested and was able to squeeze close to 25 mph out of a fully charged battery. I tested it with a speedometer app on my phone to confirm the readout from the LCD panel, and it was as accurate as the GPS on my phone.

The torque and acceleration were considerably improved, and the pedal assist functions as it should. This seems like a worthwhile upgrade, for sure.

I searched high and low for these settings here and elsewhere to no avail, so figured I'd help out the next person by posting them here.

LIM = 72kph
DIM = 23
UNT = 3

P1 = 100
P2 = 5
P3 = 1
P4 = 0
P5 = 14

C1 = 3
C2 = 0
C3 = 8
C4 = 3
C5 = 10
C6 = 3
C7 = 1
C8 = 0
C9 = 0
C10 = n
C11 = 0
C12 = 4
C13 = 0
C14 = 1
C15 = 6


By the way, on some other forum, someone asked about the C15 setting, which apparently is relatively new. Here's what EBW said about it:

"C15 is the push feature. Just leave it at 6 for 6kph."


I wonder if by "push feature" they're referring to the Walking Mode (when you want to walk alongside the bike under slow-speed power, IIRC by pushing and holding the Down button)?  I have a Bolton upgrade and will check to see if my firmware has this setting; the factory controller was not speed-adjustable and I think it was a little too fast for me.
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