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RadExpand / RadExpand 5 Plus Review
July 09, 2024, 09:25:37 AM
Hopefully, this helps those considering the RadExpand 5 Plus. The RadExpand 5 (non-plus) was kind of a letdown for RadMini owners, particularly with the lack of suspension. With the RadExpand 5 Plus, they finally brought it back but the frame is largely the same as the original RadMini which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The frame is still accessible but you still have the external mounted components that many brands have gone away from. I think at the $2,099 price point there are clearly tons of other folding ebikes to consider but if you value a torque sensor, there are less options - at least from reputable brands.

On our review unit one of the blinkers did not work - Rad sent a replacement light but it turns out it is the controller. At least it should be easy to replace since it is externally mounted.

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Here's my pros and cons list after putting some decent mileage on the RadExpand 5 Plus.
  • Torque sensor
  • More powerful motor
  • Safe Shield (resin-filled) and UL Certified battery
  • 2-year warranty with US-based support
  • BMX style handlebars are far superior to the "T" handlebars
  • Great for shorter riders and it's supper accessible
  • Front suspension fork added
  • Hydraulic disc brakes though a lesser known brand with Gemma brakes
  • Still only Class 2 speeds
  • Cadence at 20 mph is still pretty fast (gearing could be improved)
  • Not great for taller riders like me
  • I like the horizontal display on the Radster models better
  • Pretty firm saddle

Radster Road / Radster Road Review
July 09, 2024, 09:12:02 AM
A bit of a delay here but I just finished reviewing all of the new Rad Power Bikes models and wanted to share some thoughts on the Radster Road. Overall I think Rad delivered a lot of what people wanted, namely class 3 speeds, torque sensor option and a more powerful motor. It launched at $1,999 but now is $2,199 certainly putting it out of reach for some and above some (most?) of the competing ebikes. It's a bit odd having the RadCity 5 Plus still offered though it does come in at a much more affordable $1,699 though without all of the benefits of the Radster Road. I'm curious to see what happens there.

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Here's a short list of pros and cons:
  • Looks cool: Unique frame but the biggest thing is the two size offerings (a first for Rad)
  • Fast: Class 3 ebike, capable of reaching up to 28 mph with pedal assist.
  • Smooth Ride: New torque sensor provides a natural and responsive riding experience and isn't too hard to hit speeds into the 20's.
  • Functional Display: Color LCD display that's easy to use and the RFID tags are a cool bonus.
  • Riding position: The riding position is still pretty relaxed for it not having an adjustable stem. The BMX-inspired bars also allow you to easily accessorize.
  • Price: Just on the upper end compared to competing ebikes.
  • Heavy: At 74.5 lb I wonder if it's too heavy for some folks.
  • Accessibility: The size regular has a lower standover height than the size large so just be aware of this. It's still more accessible than a high step ebike

Curious what everyone else thinks.
Some of the older forum members will know that we started with a 2018 RadWagon, put 4,000 miles on it, and eventually "upgraded" to the RadWagon 4 which saw little use. Now years later there are a ton of competitors but we've been living with the RadWagon 5 now for over 2 months, putting on lots of miles. My wife is a huge fan which is saying a lot for someone who has ridden every competitor's cargo ebike. Though just keep in mind she isn't weighing in price but we are using this as our primary cargo ebike this summer. We use our RadWagon 5 as a vehicle replacement, trips of usually less than 10-15 miles around town hauling two kids in the Thule seats.

We actually plan to do an accessory video showing how we use our RadWagon 5 with our two kids which should be live in a few weeks. The Aventon Abound is probably the closest competitor here but didn't fit our needs with the two Thule seats as the rear rack isn't as long (the front child is way to close to the rider). 

If you plan to buy any Rad Power Bike you can support the forum for free:

Here are our thoughts on the RadWagon 5:
  • Motor power is much improved over the previous generation (even while loaded)
  • Torque sensor is well thought out as it's not too hard to get power from the motor
  • Accessories (more on this soon but the Conestoga, front rack/basket allow for lots of capacity even with kids in the rear)
  • Class 3 speeds. While I think 28 is probably too fast for those with precious cargo, it's nice to be able to go 21-23 mph if you're comfortable.
  • Kickstand is much better
  • Standard size tires
  • Geometry. The RadWagon 5 is lower to the ground than the RadWagon 4
  • I wish they put the same horizontal display with RFID tags on the RadWagon 5 like they did with the Radster models. Not sure why they did this.
  • Battery is just average and no option for secondary battery
  • Wheel tension issue, clicking while riding. This is being addressed by Rad Power Bikes and is a known issue
  • Price. At $2,399 it's on the upper end of its competitors and sure it offers some features others don't some might not value these benefits that much

Curious about what everyone else thinks. Is it worth the premium price?

Thanks for sharing your in-depth thoughts. I just finished up my review and overall was impressed. The torque sensor is well-tuned for Class 3 speeds without too much effort, the motor for 750 watts is surprisingly good and the LCD display is very intuitive. Already mentioned was the front mud flap and you do lose some flexibility on the bottle cage bosses with the larger frame size due to the reinforcements. Something not mentioned is that these new batteries have self-resetting fuses which was a downside on the old batteries - don't put your key in the charger port.  8)

If you're planning to purchase a Radster Trail you can support the forum for free:

General Chat / Re: Is Rad retiring the + models?
April 19, 2024, 07:25:33 PM
I've stopped trying to figure out Rad's naming scheme but it does seem like the dual display isn't the go-forward with the introduction of both the color horizontal and color vertical screen especially with moving to more advanced functions like changing the Class. I'm speculating here and I do hope that they support those who have "older" models much into the future.
General Chat / Re: Forum upgrade (Finally!)
April 16, 2024, 07:59:18 PM
Tapatalk is on the list still to fix. I like that it makes the forum super easy for mobile but on the downside, we can't show ads which means there is less chance of direct support from users that use Tapatalk.
General Chat / Re: Forum upgrade (Finally!)
April 15, 2024, 06:35:55 AM
Quote from: John Rose on April 13, 2024, 03:12:09 PMUh-oh. Photos in old posts return a "file not found" message.
For example -,9719.msg24710.html#msg24710

Also getting this red fault message in the editor, even if there aren't supposed to be any attachments (like in this post).
QuoteThe message has the following error or errors that must be corrected before continuing:
There was a problem and your attachments could not be uploaded
The attachments directory can not be located. Please notify an administrator of this problem.

On the other hand, we can now give temperatures because the degrees ยบ symbol works. Yay!

We believe the attachments are all working now. Let me know if you continue to have issues.
General Chat / Re: Forum upgrade (Finally!)
April 14, 2024, 07:37:40 PM
Quote from: ericwn on April 14, 2024, 06:24:00 AMTapatalk cannot find the forum anymore. Can you please make this work as usual again? That's my and many others' preferred way to read forums, not in a web browser.

Will look into this - thanks
General Chat / Forum upgrade (Finally!)
April 13, 2024, 12:34:12 PM
The forum hadn't been updated in some time, so it was time to get updated! You'll notice it looks slightly different, but it also operates better on mobile. If you notice any issues post them below. Otherwise, as always I appreciate everyone's support of using our Rad links before you buy (even if it is just an accessory).

We've got a bunch of new Rad content coming on the channel:
By the way, related to the new batteries on the Rad Power Bikes 2024 lineup - they now have a self-resetting fuse. On the old shark style batteries it was easier to replace the fuse. From my understanding on the RadRover 6+ and RadCity 5+ you had to disassemble the battery. There were several examples I saw of people sticking their keys accidentally into the charge port. Now if the fuse gets tripped, it resets itself. Seems like Rad was listening...
General Chat / Re: 1UP Bike Rack NOT UP to the Task
March 05, 2024, 06:35:37 PM
Can say after hauling hundreds of ebikes on the QuickrStuff that it is superior, especially for my use case of hauling so many different ebikes. I believe code "ebikeescape" should still get you $25 off - (I get no kickback, just something they gave me to help our audience after we said we'd feature their rack in a video). The 1Up did hold up well in my experience for the 1+ year I used it.
I honestly haven't taken a deep look at the new models as I just found out about them the day before release. Here they are though:

Curious about what everyone thinks, what questions do you have? I have all 4 models en route and full reviews will follow. This is the biggest release from Rad in a long time so I'm really excited to get a close look.
General Chat / Re: I didn't fall off the earth...
January 26, 2024, 05:57:14 PM
Thanks for the update! I don't spend a ton of time here but always read whenever I see your username :)

Best of luck with the new gig.
General Chat / Re: Seat Post - Out of Stock
January 19, 2024, 11:27:19 AM
Just a heads up, it turns out that many of the Amazon (and I'd assume Ebay as well) SR Suntour seatposts were counterfeit, apparently even with matching serial numbers to SR Suntour's records. This was confirmed by SR Suntour. Great seatpost- just be careful who you buy from.

As a sidenote we (Ebike Escape) will be launching a seatpost that I think is just as good and I hope to offer it cheaper than $100. Our audience will get a discount so make sure you're on our email list.
General Chat / Rad's New Pricing
January 19, 2024, 11:23:40 AM
We've seen prices all over the board over the last 1, even 2 years with Rad. Seems like they have settled on a new "normal". Curious what others think. The RadRover's now feel appropriately priced even though we've seen "flash sales" of the high step as low as $1,199. The RadTrike also feels competitively priced for what you're getting.

RadRover 6 Plus High Step: Current Price $1,599, Original Price $2,099
RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru: Current Price $1,599, Original Price $2,099
RadExpand 5: Current Price $1,599, Original Price $1,649
RadRunner Plus: Current Price $1,899, Original Price $1,999
RadRunner 2: Current Price starts from $1,399, Original Price $1,499
RadWagon 4: Current Price $1,799, Original Price $1,999
RadCity 5 Plus High-Step: Current Price $1,699, Original Price $1,999
RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru: Current Price $1,699, Original Price $1,999
RadTrike: Current Price $1,499, Original Price $2,499