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Radcity 5 battery full charge no voltage

Started by louis-124, August 19, 2023, 11:26:34 AM

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Brand new bike with less then 100kms.
Battery is fully charged, but the bike does not power on.
Replaced the controller and the ui, still does not power on, checked the brakes ajustements, double checked every connectors.
When i test the battery directly on the connecting pins there is 0v. But the battery charge indicator shows it fully charged...
When i test other ebike battery i get +48v.

Is the battery shorted somehow? Is there a charging fuse and a main fuse??
Thanks for your help!


I believe there's a charging fuse and a main fuse. On my Radpower batteries they are easily accessible. I've read here that on newer batteries, you have to get the battery out of the case to get to the fuses. The search box at the upper right corner might help you find several topics about it. Youtube is bound to have how-to's.

I suspect that some Radpower fuses blow from fatigue, not overload.

Radding Along

Most of the fuse issues on City 5+ and Rover 6+ is human error. Owners keep using a key to pry open the charge port. The key comes in contact with the port and zaps the battery.

If you replaced the controller, it?s possible you didn?t push all the plugs together properly. You need to undo the battery plug, motor plug and the plug near the pedals that leads to the wiring harness, up to the handlebars. And push them firmly together again.

After that, the next step is to look at the display and remote. Make sure they are inserted well.

There has been a few City 5+?s where the Pedal Assist Sensor was bad and frying the controller. You could keep putting new controllers in and still fry every one of them.

Disconnect the gold ended PAS wire under the pedals and also disconnect the blue ended wire going to the taillight. See if that helps as well.

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