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Tannus tire armour air pressure

Started by scotiez, August 08, 2022, 03:37:56 PM

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Hey everyone. I am new here. Received my RadRover 6 plus about 3 weeks ago now. Last week I went to pull my bike out of the shed I rent at the apartment complex I live in and I had a completely flat tire. I live in central Washington, (new here too, I used to live in North Dakota.) I pulled out a couple of thorns but I never thought that would give me a flat. I am 62 years old and rode bike a lot during my life so far and I have never had a flat before on a bike until now. Anyway I'll get to my question and quit rambling. After talking to a few people around here they said thorns are a big problem for bike tires here. I have done some research and ordered the Tannus Armour tire inserts with tubes. Tannus says to fill with air about 5 to 10 lbs. less then normal but on an E bike you can run normal tire pressure. If anyone out there has tannus armour on there radrover could you please tell me what you use for tire pressure? Also could you tell me how the ride is after installing the tannus armour? thanks


UPDATE. I knew I read it somewhere, so I got out my Tannus installation guide and on page 3 under Tips For Installing Tannus Armour it states (It is common for the Amour to compress over time. It still is providing shock absorption and puncture resistance but will perform better when properly maintained. To minimize compression deflate the tires while not use. This allows the Armour compound to rebound to provide ideal performance.) So does that mean when your not riding your bike, your suppose to let the air out of the tires? I'm sorry but that's not happening. I don't know how everyone else feels, but if I would have known that earlier, I would not have purchased the Armours. 


I now use Mr. Tuffy tire liners & Flatout additive in my tires and haven't had a flat sense I got rid of the Tannus liners


I do not plan on letting the air out of my tires after every ride either. This is why I am asking for what air pressure most people who use these tire liners are putting into there tires. Tannus says to maintain the thickness in the insert to put in 5 to 10 lbs. less than what you normally use, but then it also says in ebikes you can run normal tire pressure. It also says if your not going to use the bike for a while then to deflate the tires so the foam can bounce back. I plan to use my bike every day unless weather doesn't allow me to do that.

Radio Runner

If "let the air out after every ride for maximum life" was in bolt print these expensive Tannus liners would never sell. I use Flat out. To me this is a ridiculas request for many reasons. One being that if your going to let the air out you better start pumping early cause these fat tire have a lot of volume!. And 2nd you better hang it up as well since tires get flat spots and the rubber can crack when sitting for long periods under a heavy load.


PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD UNLESS YOU HAVE ACTUAL EXPERIANCE WITH THE TANNUS ARMOUR! I only want to hear from those who have actually used this product and what they experience. I do not want a debate or read a reply from someone who read something somewhere. Those who do reply WITH OUT actual experience have no meaning to me.


I have not had my Tannus Armours in my tires for 2 months now and they still have not regained there former thickness. And if you red my post you must have saw that my info came from my Tannus owners manual. I run a Rad Rover with 26x4 fat tires and run them with 20psi. Oh and another thing, the tubes that come with the Tannus Armours are junk!!!!


Quote from: rjp on August 08, 2022, 05:24:04 PM
I now use Mr. Tuffy tire liners & Flatout additive in my tires and haven't had a flat sense I got rid of the Tannus liners

This is probably the route I will go if needed, I have had only 1 flat here in Santa Cruz in 3000 miles with stock Kendra tires and replacement origin 8's 26x4.0, I do go on off road gravel trails also at Wilders.


well I received my tannus armour today. I brought my bike into the apartment so I could install these. It's 94 outside so I'm not doing it out there. Everything went ok for the front tire, then I was doing the rear tire and started to air up the tube and once I got about 10 lbs. in the tube i heard air leaking. Two holes in the inner tube they sent. I so wanted to try these out. I did have Mr Tuffy 3 xl that i bought incase I wanted to try this. So that's what I did. I put the mr tuffy liner in and put slime in the inner tubes. Decided to take out the tannus armour in the front tire and do Mr Tuffy in that one too. I'll give this a try and see how it goes. Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate it.


I've had my radRover 5 for about 18 months.  Had one flat two months ago and then another flat a week later.  Freak coincidence.  Flat #1 was a puncture, had to replace the tube.  Flat #2  I could not locate the puncture but replaced the tube.  Both repairs were done by certified bike shops. 

The first repair shop told me I was running my pressure too low and was told to keep it at 30 psi.  I ride several times a week.  Based on the Tannis site want to clarify the pressure Tannus recommends:

What PSI should I run:
Tire pressure is a personal preference depending on size of the rider and riding conditions. However, adding Tannus Armour does allow you to run lower pressure which gives better control, and comfort. We recommend starting out 5-10psi lower than what you normally ride and go up or down from there based on the ride feel you enjoy.

Does it compress after use?
The armour will compress some after it?s installed depending on the pressure of the tire. The higher the psi the more condensed the Armour will become. If you wish to keep the Armour as thick as possible then maintain a lower psi. You may also deflate your tire if you?re not going to be riding for a longer period. This allows the Armour to rebound back to its original size.

Anyway, it's been over a month since the repairs and i've been keeping the PSI at 30.  So far so good.

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