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Inner Tube Reccomendations

Started by RadRoverNYCFL, August 12, 2022, 07:22:23 PM

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I have RR5 with Tannus inserts.  I've had two flats recently (Front and back) and was just using the supplied inner tubes.  I would like some recommendations on replacement inner tubes.  I'm 26X4 tires.

Considering swapping out the Tannus for Mr Tuffy + flat out based on some posts i've read. 

Even if I swap out the tannus, still looking for replacement inner tubes.

OR do I have to match the inner tube size to the type of add'l protection (Tannus vs Mr Tuffy)



I just ordered 2 Kenda 26x4 tubes from Rugged Nation paid $28.98 plus tax for 2. Kenda tubes where Rad original equipment tubes. They lasted longer than the junk Tannus tubes. After the Tannus tubes failed I installed the Kenda tubes in the Armous and when I switched to FlatOut and Mr. Tuffy liners I used the Kenda tubes again. So I ordered 2 spares from Rugged Nation. Ordered through got deal on 2pk. Good  Luck!


Watch out when you open the tire on the wheel. Make sure the rim liner strip is laying flat on the inside of the rim. I had the liner move to one side and was bent up on one side. The liner material is a stiffer material and cut the inner tube. To stop that from happening again, I centered the liner strip and wrapped it with gorilla tape. Now working good   


They say that the tubes for the Rover with the Tannus Armor are smaller 26x3.0. I found 26x3.o tubes at Dick's Sporting Goods. I bought a few for spares on my long trips. I've ridden almost 500 miles since I put the Tannus Armor in and I haven't needed the tubes yet.

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