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New to me 2018 Radwagon 3

Started by Harhir, November 01, 2022, 11:33:10 AM

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Howdy from Texas. My first electric bike. This will become my new grocery and hardware hauler. Originally I wanted to electrify my existing home made cargo bike. But that would have been more expensive than just buying a used already built bike. Plus I just love that color.
The bike is in great shape. The front derailleur needs some minor tuning as well as the front brakes. And it has some minor scratches. Oh well it is and will be a utility vehicle.
Need to add a front rack and pannier holders on the back (already seen some ideas here). And it will get a deck with two milk crates similar to my current cargo bike. Plus a trailer hitch for my Burley Travoy. Looking forward modifying it. But unfortunately I won't get to it until Thanksgiving.