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Do you still have the bad batteries?
No, it was a straight exchange at the Rad service-centre in Vancouver.
I hadn't touched the seals on the batteries, so that they would still be honoured under warranty.

What is interesting, though, is that the model numbers of the replacement batteries were slightly different from the originals:
- dead batteries:  S1304
- replacement batteries: S1304Y
I wonder what that extra Y signifies?
RadWagon / Re: Confirmation email?
« Last post by nllanos87 on Today at 07:52:48 AM »
I had to reach out to customer service myself a few weeks after registering for replacement tires on the website, and only got a response that said to continue waiting, don't ride the bike, and that I was confirmed on the list.

Not sure why they didn't think to auto reply with a confirmation message to improve the customer experience...
RadWagon / Re: Kickstand Options for RW4
« Last post by nllanos87 on Today at 07:51:01 AM »
That looks like a great option, especially with how difficult it is to get the bike up onto center stand when loaded with two kids seats and 70+ lbs of kiddos!

I see that there is a length adjustment with a set-screw, I assume you felt this set screw is strong enough to withstand the weight of the bike? Would you think it could support the full-capacity weight limit of the bike and not slip when parked?

Thanks for posting this!
General Chat / Re: Rad's biggest sale of the year (October 2022)
« Last post by tacomanatx on Today at 07:24:47 AM »
According to the web, there is an oversupply of traditional bicycles right now.

After 2 years of impossibly tight bike and bike parts market there is now an oversupply?  I waited 7 months a year ago for a new (not Rad) custom build bike to come in and still had to work out parts at every step.   I did get new brake pads for the MTB this week off Amazon that a year ago were impossible to find.
Thanks, put in 23 and the speedo reads 24-25mph maxed out on pedalling
Service & Repair / Re: RadCity4 - Battery died - replaced under warranty
« Last post by DickB on Today at 02:37:20 AM »
Do you still have the bad batteries?
RadCity / Re: Brakes do not disengage hub motor Radcity 4
« Last post by Caxton Drift on October 06, 2022, 06:47:13 PM »
When the brakes are applied on the RadCity4, the motor regenerates power into the battery.
What you're seeing on the display may be regenerative power.
Service & Repair / Re: RadCity4 - Battery died - replaced under warranty
« Last post by JedidiahStolzfus on October 06, 2022, 05:38:21 PM »
Well, the cells of the battery are probably still good.  Chances are the BMS died.  I'd bet the damage to the board is going to be obvious too.  Some mosfets on there probably let the magic smoke out.
Service & Repair / RadCity4 - Battery died - replaced under warranty
« Last post by Caxton Drift on October 06, 2022, 05:35:15 PM »
My wife and I have identical RadCity4s.
Hers was the first to fail. The battery just died while she was riding. Dead as a dodo! Stranded by the road-side. No power. No battery-level indicator. Both 5A and 40A fuses checked out OK. But the battery showed no signs of life. Bike worked OK with another battery.

My bike also failed a couple of months later. Same story. Completely dead battery. Stranded by the road-side.

Both bike-strandings occurred in the same place, at the bottom of a short hill, just 2km from home.

Rad replaced both batteries under warranty.
When I took the second battery in to the Vancouver (Canada) store, the tech-person wasn?t surprised and explained that the RadCity4 batteries have a known problem: if the battery is fully-charged, and the rider then goes downhill using the brakes, the power-regeneration feature fries the battery!
It seems that the internal battery-controller allows the battery to overcharge, and the battery is then dead.
And no fuses are blown, just a deceased battery!

This would seem like an easy fix for Rad?s battery-designer.
But there?s no evidence that Rad are doing anything about this design fault.

Moral of the story: If you live in a hilly-area (that?s why we bought eBikes), don?t start the day with a fully-charged battery or you may fry the battery when next going downhill.
General Chat / Re: rad large basket BAG
« Last post by Eric7 on October 06, 2022, 03:35:09 PM »
Just my personal feelings. You need to get the set because they match in size, to look cool. The bag looks sort of silly without a matching size crate.  Nothing wrong with that and I would do the same.  Just my thoughts.

If it is just utility you want, you can attach a milk crate and a couple of 99 cents shopping bags. Or attach two oyster buckets. That is a lot cheaper. 
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