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Greetings from Ireland!

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Hi folks,

After 20-odd years without a bike, I picked up a RadRunner from the EU store about a month ago, and I've been using it to explore the byroads of County Galway ever since. The weather has been typically Irish, but it hasn't stopped me from going out! I opted for the storage console and passenger accessories (though I wish I'd held out for the Espresso package. Mmmm, brown...)

I've upgraded to a 35A motor controller and a KT-LCD3 screen, which allows me to do a couple of things, one to make the bike legal in Ireland, the other to make it faster. First off was to only allow the throttle to work while pedalling (anything that can run under its own power without pedalling is classified as a Mechanically Propelled Vehicle, so I would have to register, tax and insure it as a moped) and the other was to derestrict it, as there's no 250W limit here. I'm still fine tuning the settings on the display, but it's an interesting learning experience!

I also picked up a decent lock and cable, and waterproof clothing After all, there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear. I also bought a set of fatbike mudguards/fender from Urban Drivestyle in Berlin, but after trying and failing to fit them with zipties and the included hardware, I've realised I'll have to drop the rear wheel to get the sedon one on. Luckily the seat pad and battery box do a pretty good job of keep the muck off me.

I've ordered a sprung saddle from a local MTB store, and I'm on the lookout for a decent plug and play headlight upgrade and a pair of canvas panniers. And some handlebar grips to go with the seat. And a horn.

Beginning to think this might be addictive...

Very nice!  And what an awesome place to ride.  Enjoy the ride, brother!

What a beautiful country!. Enjoy your bike!

Welcome and thanks for sharing the awesome pictures! Would you mind sharing links to where you sourced both the screen and the controller? Several folks have asked how they can upgrade the EU Rad Power Bikes versions. Does it now top out at 750 watts or more?

Looks perfect roads and landscape :) Ireland would be a great country for visit in the future. Greetings from Finland!


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