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My wife?s aunt has a Rad Rover 5 Step Through that she wants to sell. It is a little less than two years old but has never been ridden. It?s like new with zero miles on it. She had some surgery right before she got it, and now that she has recovered, she finds that it is too big for her. She wants to get something smaller and lighter. I borrowed the battery for one of my long trips last year and put it through 5 charge/discharge cycles. Other than that, the bike has never been used. The bike is located on the North side of Cincinnati, OH. They don?t want to ship it. It would be local pickup only, or they said that might be willing to deliver it within 100 miles. They are asking $1000 for it. You can message me if you are interested or have questions, and I can put you in touch with them.

Included in sale:
Rad Rover 5 Step Through ? White
Rad Battery
Rad Toolkit
Rad Charger
Rad Front Rack ? Orange
Aftermarket seat -
Rear View Camera with Monitor (still new in box) -

Rad Modifications / Dual Battery
May 19, 2023, 07:36:20 AM
Does anyone have experience with this dual battery balancer option? It looks very easy to install and comes with all the cables. It doesn't allow for charging the batteries on the bike, but I don't do that anyway. I just ordered one.

I actually ordered it to use my four Rad Rover 5 batteries I already have with my new Lectric Trike using an extra battery mounting plate/harness that I purchased from Rad. Before I do that, I'm going to test it on my Rover 5 as well and see if I want to get a second one for it.
RadTrike / Rad vs. Lectric Trike
February 23, 2023, 08:32:22 AM
I've been a big Rad fan since I bought my first two Rad Rover 5's in 2020. I've put about 2000 miles on mine and about 400 miles on my wife's.

All the issues with the newer models have given me concerns. I wanted to add a trike to my collection, so I was looking closely at the Rad Trike. Then I saw the Lectric trike. I couldn't justify the much higher cost for Rad. I ordered the Lectric the day it went on sale. One of the reasons I wanted the Rad was because I currently have 4 batteries for my Rover 5's that I wanted to be able to use. I found a solution for that though. I reached out to Rad was able to order an extra battery mount/wiring for $22 including shipping. I plan to add that to my Lectric Trike after I get it to be able to use my Rad batteries on it.

No plans to get rid of my Rovers or leave the Rad Owners Forum.
Rad Modifications / New Dropper Seat Post on my Rover 5
September 27, 2022, 10:44:00 AM
I put this dropper seat post on my Rover 5 about a month ago. I love it. I like to have the seat up very high while I'm riding, but it's great to have it all the way down when I come to a stop. Having the thumb control on the handlbar to adjust it makes it easy. Last week I just rode 253 miles over 6 days on the Katy Trail in Missouri and this was so helpful. I used it to adjust the seat up and down while riding to make it more comfortable on my butt and knees vs. being in the same position the whole time. It wasn't cheap, but it is definitely one of my best upgrades.
General Chat / Katy Trail in Missouri
August 09, 2022, 06:26:31 AM
I'm planning a ride on the Katy Trail next month 240 miles over 6 days from Clinton, MO to St. Charles, Mo. Any advice, recommendations, or warnings would greatly appreciated.

Group Rides / Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
January 25, 2022, 01:44:01 PM
Has anyone biked the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail? If so, how was it?

I'm starting to plan a trip for March/April to bike from Key Largo to Key West and back. I'm going to try and do it over 5 days camping along the way. Looking for advice/recommendations.
Rad Modifications / Trailer on Rover 5
December 01, 2021, 11:25:15 AM
My daughter just ordered this Schwinn Rascal bike trailer for me for my Rover 5 for Christmas. Has any one here used this on a Rad bike yet?
Rad Modifications / Where can I get one of these?
November 17, 2021, 11:38:49 AM
We had our first snow of the season here in Ohio last weekend. There's more coming soon. This is what I need for my Rover.  :)

General Chat / Standard Batteries In Stock
November 09, 2021, 12:31:24 PM
The standard batteries are now in stock at RAD. I just ordered one. I thought the $549 was expensive to begin with, but the $60 shipping made it even worse. I guess that's the price we pay for the easy button vs. wiring and fitting an additional aftermarket battery on the bike.
General Chat / Waterproof controller and display?
October 22, 2021, 10:45:35 AM
I have the Bolton 35A controller and the KT-LCD8H color display on my RadRover 5. Does anyone know how waterproof these two things are? Can I ride in the rain with them, or do I need to do something special to protect them? Does anyone have any ideas, products, or things they have done for extra protection in the rain?
Rad Modifications / Rear view camera
July 14, 2021, 10:38:03 AM
I wanted a way to see behind me better while I was riding. I tried a helmet mirror, but that didn't work for me. I also tried a mirror on my handlebars, but I had to lean to the side to see past myself. I have a mirror on the end of the handle grip now and that's better, but still not exactly what I wanted. I also tried a cheap GoPro type camera mounted on the rear of my bike that connected via Wi-Fi to my phone mounted on my handlebars. The problem with that was the image was in reverse and I also could use my maps on my phone at the same time. Then, a couple of weeks ago I found this.

I mounted the camera to back of the rack on my RadRover. The screen is nice because it has it's own rechargeable battery. I can also plug that into the Rav battery to charge if I ever need to. It's supposed to last 4 -5 hours on a charge. I've only tried it for an hour so far and it still seemed to be pretty full.

I also added this to address the lack of available space to mount more things on my handlebars (like this screen).
I have a like new Rad front rack (black) for sale. My wife wanted her basket moved to the rear rack, so I don't need this anymore. Includes headlight extension cable. No bolts (I don't think it came with any - mine were already on the bike).

I'm looking to get $50 plus whatever USPS shipping costs. Payment by PayPal. Email me at with your address and I can calculate shipping cost.

RadRover / Trunk for Rad Rover
July 01, 2021, 07:52:47 AM
I wanted some storage on my 2020 Rad Rover 5 that I could lock and/or remove easily. I added the the following Givi motorcycle trunk on to the standard RadPower rear rack.

Mine is the B37NTA version which is the all black one. The black one with the red reflectors is B37NA. The 37 means 37 liters. They have some larger and smaller ones. I wanted this larger one. Amazon has them, but not on Prime. I got mine at a local motorcycle store called Iron Pony. They do sell online.{%22keyword%22:%22B37NTA%22}

You can use the mounting plate that comes with it. I used that with 4 of these clamps. The clamps let me use the 4 included bolts and put it exactly where I wanted it on the rack.

There are a couple of extra pluses and a minuses to this setup. The minus is that unless you're really tall, you probably won't be able to swing your leg over the case and the back of the seat to get on. You'll have to lift your leg up over the front bar in front of the seat (not a problem with the step through Rover 5). On the plus side, depending on the height you have your seat at, the case acts as a short back rest. I think Givi even sells a pad you can install on the case for this. I didn't get that because it looks like you have to drill the case to install it. I love having this storage for all the stuff I like to carry on longer trips(tools, spare parts, food, clothes, etc.). 

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