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RadRover / Re: Rad Rover 5
April 22, 2024, 06:20:43 AM
I use this one on my 2020 Rover 5 to raise them and move them closer to me.
There is another option - CO2

This is what I carry.

There's many others similar to this one on Amazon at a much lower cost. I believe there's a Pro Bike Tool one that has good reviews and is only about $17 for just the inflator and you just buy the cartridges separately. I bought this one at Trek because I wanted it right then and their store is less than a mile from my house. I used a mini hand pump before I got this.

I think if I was going to buy an electric one now, I would probably go with something like this because it's small/lightweight.
General Chat / Re: Support Wheels
April 04, 2024, 12:23:49 PM
One of the best purchases I have made for my Rover 5 is this dropper seat post. When I ride, I like to sit up really high. With the seat up that high, I can't touch the ground with both feet while I'm in the seat. With this dropper seat post, I can hit the thumb lever when I'm coming to a stop the lower the seat all the way down. Then when I take off again, I can hit the thumb lever again without all of my weight on the seat and it will raise up to whatever height I choose. I also find that I can ride farther comfortably by adjusting the height occasionally while I ride. It's not cheap, but out of the thousands of dollars I've spent on various upgrades, this is the one I feel gave me the most for the money.
I would go with the larger one if it was me. I go on a lot of long rides though where I can end up going through even 3 or 4 batteries. On my long rides I'm going for several days and have my trailer on my bike with clothes, batteries, food, etc. that add up in weight. On these trips, my 14AH batteries get me about 18 to 20 miles each on PAS level 2. I have about 80lbs. of extra weight and sometimes go up to 70 miles in a day. If you don't go on longer rides and don't have a lot of weight on your bike, the smaller one may be fine.
I have a Lectric Trike that I was having trouble folding well with the front basket on. I bought these bolts to attach it with so I could take it off easily without any tools.  It only has 4 bolts, so it's pretty quick and easy to remove with these. It only takes a minute. Not sure if these bolts are the same size as the bolts on the Rad, but they have many sizes available.

I didn't notice any difference other than it took about twice as long for each bar to drop off. 
Another option might be to use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries. They're more expensive initially than regular alkaline AA batteries, but I've found that they typically last 4 to 8 times longer. Something like this.
It lets you connect both batteries and drains them both at the same time. It's not where it uses one fully and then switches to the other. It uses the both until they are both used up.
That seems correct. You will want an XT60 connector coming from the battery's mounting cradle to connect to the power combiner.
Correct. You can use any batteries (and mount/wiring). You just need the correct cables/adapters to match the battery to the combiner.
I have this on my Rad Rover 5 and on my Lectric Trike. It works great. I have 4 Rad batteries and 1 Lectric battery and I can put two of those at a time on either of my bikes.
I was worried about water getting into my controller. My concern was around riding it in the rain and while carrying it on the back of my car traveling with it. I coated it with this for an extra level of sealing. Seems to work well..
Service & Repair / Re: Rad City help
January 09, 2024, 06:36:33 AM
Just an FYI in case your cradle/wiring is bad. About a year ago I emailed Rad and ordered a replacement battery cradle/wiring for my 2020 Rad Rover 5 so I could use my 4 Rad batteries with my new Lectric Trike. It only cost me $12 (plus $10 shipping). If yours is damaged, and you can actually get ahold of someone at Rad, this might be an option.
General Chat / Re: Buyer's Remorse
November 10, 2023, 05:55:51 AM
About a year ago I bought what I think was one of my best upgrades for my Rover 5. It's a dropper seat post. I like to have my seat very high while I'm riding, but low for mount/dismount. This seat post lets me do that with a push of a lever on my handlebars. I can move the seat height up and down easily while I'm riding at any time. I've also found that when I'm on long rides adjusting it up/down helps when my butt and knees start to get sore. This let's me ride farther. It's not cheap, but it's been worth the price for me. For my 2020 Rover 5, I bought the middle routing 27.2mm one. I don't know if the seat post size on the Rad Mini ST is the same 27.2mm or not. I believe it is.

I also wanted to move my handlebars back closer to me. For that I used this adjustable handlebar stem. For my Rover 5  I bought the  Length: 95 Millimeters | Size: Handlebar Diameter 31.8mm/1.25" one.
RadRover / Re: Should i repair or replace RadRover 2018?
September 29, 2023, 08:03:23 AM
If it were me, I would replace the battery with a good aftermarket battery (something with Samsung or Panasonic cells). You'll need to change the battery mount/connector, but those generally come with the aftermarket batteries. You can even get adapter cables for the connectors if you don't want to splice the wiring. It will probably be between half to two thirds the cost of buying a new Rad battery. With everything I've seen and heard here about all the issues with the new Rad Rovers (and their troubles with service/warranty), I wouldn't but a new Rad Rover 6. I would buy a different bike from a different manufacturer instead. I have two Rover 5's that I've had since 2020. One has about 600 miles on it and the other had about 2000 miles on it. I love those bikes. I've done some upgrades on them, like the Bolton controller, but nothing due to any kind of problems. There are lots of aftermarket parts out their for them if you do have anything that fails. I also own a Lectric Trike, and I like it very much as well. It seems to be as well built as the Rad's. The Lectric bikes are different from the Rad's, like being much smaller, but they are also a lot less expensive. 

Just my opinion for what it's worth.
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