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Pedal Assist, Throttle, lights not working

Started by Dennis62, March 03, 2024, 10:57:22 AM

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I have a Rad City 5 plus with very few miles on it.  Getting it out to start riding now that the snow is gone, I see that I have more than 50% battery so I turn on my control display and everything comes on as it should, but I noticed the headlight and tail-light have not come on.  I hop on and start pedaling while giving the throttle a twist and nothing.  I try increasing the Pedal Assist, and again nothing.  I'm suppose to ride on The Great Allegheny Passage in a few weeks so I really need to get this fixed.  Any ideas and/or suggestions?  Thanks in advance.


You did not mention what kind of preparations you did prior to riding out. So at the risk of sounding like Mr. Obvious. Did you check that all the connections did not accidentally came loose over the winter?

Good luck
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.


Fair question Naranja_CT5+.  I did check all the connections once I noticed nothing was working.  I did forget to mention that the brake-light does come on when brakes are engaged, but otherwise does not flash like it should.  I have since fully charged my battery and still have the same results.  There is no error message appearing on my display either.

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