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RadRunner Plus won't turn on....any ideas?

Started by wrecklessrad, May 24, 2023, 06:11:02 PM

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So my RadRunner plus won't turn on, possibly because it was left out in the rain for a day. I've already done the following to try to fix/diagnose:

- Tested the battery

- Checked and secure all accessible connections (I wasn't able to pull the wiring harness cable until the connector is out of the downtube, so couldn't check that one.)

- Replaced battery fuses

Rad Support says:

QuoteIf you have already performed the connection check my recommendation would be to start by replacing the main power drive components, we can start with one at a time or replace all 3 at once. Here's a break down of the cost for each part:

LCD Display $100
Wiring Harness $30
Battery Tray $30

Any ideas on how to bring my bike back to life, or what the most likely culprit is?

Mark G11

Hi. I have just recently had the exact same problem. I'm just wondering if you have it figured out yet and what the problem was.


With my battery off my bike, turning the key on will energize the two big contacts where it connects to the bike. My contacts are big enough to insert the probes of a volt meter for an exact reading. You might use a meter to be sure turning on the key gets voltage to the contacts.


UPDATE: I got this fixed up -- turned out I needed to replace the display.


My motor Rad Pro 6 suddenly stopped and it will not power up.

I have less than 100 kilometers on it and it did not get wet.

The connectors look good.

If I remove the battery and reinsert it  the remote and display powers up without pressing the on/off switch.  If I activate the throttle the motor does not run.

If I power the bike off with the switch it will not power up again with the switch.


Quote from: wrecklessrad on June 13, 2023, 08:51:57 AM
UPDATE: I got this fixed up -- turned out I needed to replace the display.
How did you find out it was the display and how did you contact Rad to get the new part?


I have the radrunner 2 (2020) and haven?t really had any issues until after the first year. I recently replaced my back wheel assembly in the beginning of this year and everything was working fine until couple days ago I got error code #21? I checked every connection several times and tried my original display that came with the bike but still won?t turn on. I removed the battery put it back on and try to power it up and there?s a slight ?surge? in the motor like it wants to go but the display flashes on/off so quickly and nothing happens after that unless pulling the battery again just to repeat the same issues again. I?ve been waiting for rad to email me back for days now and I?ve been searching the web for similar issues other have had but not finding any thing I have tried already.. any help would be appreciated thank u?


After running the suggested RadPower debugging steps I resolved that it might be the battery controller.
Email responses were slow.
One response suggested online chat might be a way to go.

Here is a suggested link.

The team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3pm Pacific Time. We have found the most efficient way to help customers is via our Live Chat team. You can contact our team via Live Chat at the bottom right of any of our help center pages.

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