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Missoula Montana?

Started by Montana Pete, November 24, 2023, 04:00:29 PM

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Montana Pete

I own a RR6 Plus in Missoula Montana. Anyone else in Missoula?


A guy in St. Ignatius owns one. At 79, he finds it difficult to swing his leg over the saddle.

I had a similar experience when I bought a Radrunner at 73. I figured I'd put a crate on the back and step over the console in front of the seat tube. Uh-oh, the console lid was 30 inches high. Lifting my heel over the lid was harder than lifting my knee over a much higher seat.

I limbered up by practicing on the 30 inch wall around my porch. When I got good at it, I rode to a store. I couldn't dismount because pedaling had tightened my hamstrings. I pedaled home and removed the $100 console.

At 75 I bought a Radmission step-through. I enjoyed it so much that when I was 76 I forgot I wasn't a teen and swung my knee over the saddle to dismount. My knee caught on the saddle and I fell backwards on the pavement with the bike on top of me. It looked worse than it was because I rolled back flat to distribute the shock. I wasn't even bruised because a couple of years of pedaling had given me the biggest butt in town.

I would have cleared the saddle on the bikes I rode as a teen. I tilt my Radmission saddle forward radically, maybe 45 degrees, so the back of the saddle may be 6" higher than normal.

Nowadays they have dropper seat posts. When you stop, you pull a lever and the post slides down several inches. That might be the solution for the guy in St. Ignatius.

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