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Cheap tire pump

Started by Muskie1, April 25, 2022, 11:25:11 AM

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 I was at Harbor Freight to get a cargo net for my rear rack. My tire pump finally  died after about 30 years.  I saw one there on clearance and thought for 8 bucks I will try it.,
I don't know about its durability, but on my first use it worked better than my old one ever did, the gauge was even accurate.
They are a clearance item so limited stock, I am going to buy another for a spare.


I had something that looked like this years ago.  The one I had worked well but you should do it slowly and step down straight.  A sideways stepping, say at a 45-degree angle or on uneven ground would completely collapse and destroy the pump.  I was a teenager (meaning I was very light) and was trying to do it fast and I destroyed the pump with one misstep.

If you are careful, I am sure it is a great pump.

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