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Rad Power Bikes Classifieds / Re: Battery travel case NEW
« Last post by Radio Runner on Today at 02:28:17 PM »
Service & Repair / Re: New Radcity 5 plus bike and lights don't turn on
« Last post by jshrad on Today at 02:21:37 PM »
Same problem rad sent new headlight, wiring harness and now new controller. Has taken several months to receive parts and then install them. Just finished installing the controller and the problem persists will contact rob once again.
RadRover / Re: Just ordered a RadRover 6 plus
« Last post by NorthRiver5 on Today at 01:55:49 PM »
Really happy to be  joining the Rad Community.  I ordered a couple of RadRover 6+ for my wife and I and can't wait for them to arrive!  We live in New England, but were actually exposed to the RadMission bikes during an ebike tour in Athens Greece.  We were so impressed with those that I researched the hell out of them and decided to pull the trigger on purchasing the RR6+.  Can anyone recommend a good car rack for these beasts, or is the Hollywood the only way to go?  Thanks in advance!
RadRover / Re: handlebar question
« Last post by VegasSteve on Today at 01:51:24 PM »
Is there a "trick"?

Yes. The trick is an air compressor. Jam the nozzle under just the edge of the grip an blast away. This is what bike shops use for install and removal.

Thanks for all the replies.  I had my bike checked out at the local shop and had the guy order me a stem riser, so that should do it.
RadRover / Re: Flat Out Tire Sealant
« Last post by VegasSteve on Today at 01:48:49 PM »
I called them and yeah, they recommend 16 oz per tire on a 26x4 tire.  Based on this thread, I think I will try 8 ounces and see what happens.  Thanks for the heads up!

How did your experience with flat out go?
 Is it messy?
Did you use the sportsman formula?
How much did you end up using? I also have the 26x4 tires on my 2021 Radrover.
Thanks, Paul

Sorry for the slow reply.  Not really messy, used the multi formula. Went well for the back tire, however, before adding flat out, I had been playing with tire pressures for the best ride and had a major failure of the front tube (think like... BOOM!!!).  Maybe the tube was pinched when installed?  Anyway, I'm waiting on a replacement tube.  Not too concerned about the front tire anyway as it's pretty easy to change the tube in that one.
RadCity / Re: New Bike, newbie and lights don't work
« Last post by CrabbyRad on Today at 01:31:46 PM »
I had the same problem. They sent me a new controller and it worked fine for a month. Now headlights and tail light do not function but brake and flash still work on taillight.
General Chat / Re: My new Rad5 is a total piece of fucking shit
« Last post by Hehateme on Today at 01:30:42 PM »
Record your self setting it on fire and crushing in a compactor. Post here so we can all watch. I prefer slow motion for dramatic effect, if your taking requests.

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Service & Repair / Re: ERROR 25
« Last post by JedidiahStolzfus on Today at 12:44:37 PM »
I put the 35A controller on my RR.  I didn't get it from where you're saying, but it's probably the same thing.  Install was easy enough.  I did have to drill one hole through the skidplate to mount the controller.  The rear hole lined up with the existing one. 

Toughest part was getting the wires routed.  The motor connector didn't want to slip by the fender.  Had to gently pry the fender away from the frame to get it to pass. 

There's also a rubber grommet where the cables come down from the front.  You'll have to pry that out without scratching the paint and then get it back in.  There's a connector inside the frame you'll need to get to for the new controller.
Service & Repair / Re: ERROR 25
« Last post by mushroom on Today at 09:26:38 AM »
OK tried the back light from my wife's radrunner + and it's the same
Disconnected all the cables and plugged the back light into the stubby lead from the controller and still getting Error 25
There's no warranty so I'm just going to go for the 35amp controller from Big Game Bikes
RadRover / Re: Inner Tube Reccomendations
« Last post by crorris on Today at 05:48:13 AM »
They say that the tubes for the Rover with the Tannus Armor are smaller 26x3.0. I found 26x3.o tubes at Dick's Sporting Goods. I bought a few for spares on my long trips. I've ridden almost 500 miles since I put the Tannus Armor in and I haven't needed the tubes yet.
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