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I'm sure the Park stands are great; they make fine products, but I found this one on Amazon for about half the cost and it's VERY sturdy - plenty enough to hold my 90-lb accessorized MiniST2, same size as your RRPlus:  and at the moment it seems to be discounted below the price I paid.

There is another cheaper model from this company that looks similar but doesn't have the same capacity - make sure you're selecting the 110-lb capacity version if you decide to try it out.  It's well-built, strong and folds up nicely, so I think it's a good deal.

I'm not as strong and sturdy as I used to be as well, so I put a short stool next to the bike and deadlift it up a bit off the ground onto the stand rather than try to lift it with my back from floor level.  One other thing you might consider is something like this to pick up the load with pulleys from the ceiling and not strain yourself - there are lots to choose from, check their capacities as well: 

(crap, sorry; just noticed you can't do a pulley system, but I'll leave the link in place in case others might find it useful)

General Chat / Re: Boredom
« on: September 24, 2022, 03:14:43 PM »
If you could use some help shopping or getting to appointments etc. while you're healing up to ride your Rad again, check with local Elks, Rotary or other service groups, or churches - you may very well find a volunteer ride-service available to you.  In my tiny rural town we have at least two of those; I used one of them once a few years ago when I needed a ride for cataract surgery and my buddies weren't available on that day/time - the docs will not let you drive yourself home afterward.

Got a ride from a nice lady and brought her some homemade oatmeal cookies, so it was a pretty good trade.

I get bored very easily because my brain won't let me just sit and stare unless I'm at a park or beach to intentionally get away from the world for a bit - so I always have a Kindle with me just in case I get sidelined somewhere. 

Good luck!

Rad Modifications / Re: 35A Controller, what protection have you got ?
« on: September 22, 2022, 09:15:55 AM »
What size has any of you got dialed in for the 20" wheels ? I put 20 in the settings and it's topping out at 20mph

For my MiniST2, I have the DIM setting at 23" for my nominal "20-inch" CST Big Boat tires and comparing to GPS it's very close to accurate for both speed and distance.   YMMV, so set up a GPS speed app on your phone and fiddle with the setting to pick the most-accurate value for your bike.  You can use the cruise-control feature of your new controller to hold a constant speed on level ground to make it easier; I think you need to be moving at least about 5 mph for cruise-control to work (hold down the down-arrow PAS button).  Don't forget you need to have C7 = 1 to enable the cruise control feature.

For maximum top speed, be sure to set the LIM setting to 72kph.  It won't get even close to that (24-25mph is max on mine) but it doesn't hurt to set it at maximum.

General Chat / Re: Spam, spam, spam, where did it come from?
« on: September 16, 2022, 01:45:08 PM »
Yeah, thanks Ryan!

RadExpand / Re: changing out seat post on a rad expand 5
« on: September 16, 2022, 01:24:25 PM »
My MiniST2's seatpost diameter is 27.2mm, which I believe is the same for all Rad bikes including yours. 

I replaced the factory unit with a Redshift suspension post, which I love and has a pretty good fore/aft range on the rails.  It's 350mm long and fits these frames very well.

Rad Modifications / Re: 35A Controller, what protection have you got ?
« on: September 11, 2022, 08:07:38 AM »
I added a U-lock to protect my MiniST2 battery from theft and with that in place, the large enclosure box doesn't quite fit with the new controller.  These controllers have gaskets from the factory, but I went ahead and applied RTV silicone seal to all the exterior seams and cable entry points (no disassembly, just on the exterior surfaces) just in case, although I never ride in wet weather and never even on wet surfaces if I can avoid it.

On the MiniST2, the controller is mechanically well-protected behind the battery and under the seat, so my only interest was a bit more weatherproofing.

Setting C1 controls PAS response time. I believe some ship with C1 set to 0. I change mine to 3.

Thanks for jumping in, man!  I'd forgotten about C1, yet there it is in my chart image above, set to 3 as well.  I don't think I've ever played with changing it.

Im pretty upset about this since they knew about this or knew that there might be a problem but yet still were selling the bikes. The all mighty dollar i guess. But now i have a $4k decoration in my garage til the new year or most likely next spring once the snow is gone.

I don't blame you for being pretty fried about the situation, and I've done more than my share of griping about Rad the last few months (soldered-in fuses????), but in this instance of yet another problem I don't see any reason so far to fault Rad unless I'm missing something:

1.  I don't think there's any evidence they knew of this issue for certain and continued to sell the bikes.  The bikes were taken off the website for sale a week or so ago and this seems to have happened a few days after we started hearing about RW tire failures.  They undoubtedly took at least couple of days to follow up on complaints to determine if they were random failures or a systemic problem, but moved quickly to attempt to take them out of service until a resolution could be created.  Of course, there will undoubtedly be some people who don't get the word and ride ribbed tires and may have a problem, accident or worse - if I were Rad I might set up phone banks to try to reach buyers, but other than that the notifications have been made.

2.  How else should Rad handle this?  The RW uses a very specific and hard-to-find tire size, so it's not like owners can get new tires installed immediately from multiple sources - I'm pretty certain Rad is in full-speed-ahead mode to source, purchase and air-ship replacement parts, but there's no way to know how long it will take to get the parts in stock, get them shipped to customers and arrange for the installation labor as promised.  This is not a trivial effort, especially given the monstrous problems with supply chains and labor these days.

If they were smart, Rad's estimate is very conservative and they expect to get the swaps underway sooner than 2-3 months but it's better to surprise the customer with sooner than expected rather than later.

It sucks, but IMHO they seem to be trying to handle this as quickly and correctly as possible.  If they boof it, light 'em up, but from what you guys are describing here it seems to be Grin and Bear It time, with a thick application of patience.  Try to look at it as a Rad person: it seems they've been hosed by a vendor or an assembly contractor overseas and it's not a design flaw.  Maybe they need better QA both in the factories and here in the USA (like a random bike teardown taken from each shipping container or something, to make sure they're as expected) but I expect they were as surprised and pissed off as you are when failure reports started to roll in.  Given the two tire types they want you to look for, it seems like the problem is confined to a bad assembly batch with a new tire used because of supply issues.

Hope it works out quickly and well for you guys.  You know what you might want to do is ask (or demand, if they're unreceptive to the idea) for a warranty extension on the bike at least equal to the time you'll spend waiting and if it were me I'd badger them for another few months on top since many owners are running out of riding season and would need coverage next year, not now.

With this, plus controllers failing and batteries blowing up with the touch of a key, this is not a time I'd like to have a job at Rad.

Good luck!

Service & Repair / Re: Semi-integrated battery fuse replacement
« on: September 08, 2022, 01:15:15 PM »
We replaced the fuse and the battery is charging and working fine.

That's great to hear you're back up and running with that battery; the recovering engineer in me is sorely offended by that stupid design - you should be glad you didn't get a newer one with SOLDERED surface-mount fuses.  That's just insane.

Our older shark batteries have easily-accessible fuses on the bottom underneath rubber weather covers that just pop off.  So Rad used to know how to do batteries instead of doing their customers as they do now.  Sometimes I give my MiniST2 a little pat on the butt to show my appreciation and thanks I got her before Rad drove over a cliff.

More stupid design issues the last couple of years, too, but that's for other threads.

Thanks for the reply! I thought C5 was just for the max wattage. Does it also control how soon PAS kicks in?

I don't know; the "documentation" isn't clear or well-translated on a lot of aspects.  Best thing is to give it a try and see if it works for you.  It's easy to feel how it affects throttle rampup and power limiting, but I didn't test for PAS responsiveness, although I noticed no problems with PAS and I don't think I ever tried a value of 4 because I didn't experiment with power limiting much.

Try messing with C5 a bit, but note that it's not a single setting with 10 possible settings - it serves to control both power ramp-up as well as limiting maximum power if you wish.

I'd recommend trying C5 = 0, 1 or 2 to see if that helps; be gentle with rolling on the throttle until you get a feel for it.  Attached is a pic of several parameters I've used, but currently still using the May 25th set.

Note that these are for my MiniST2, so things like wheel diameter won't apply to all bikes, but it's a starting point.  Here's a link to the reference manual, which is poorly translated but should help guide you a bit on what settings are available:

General Chat / Re: Spam, spam, spam, where did it come from?
« on: September 06, 2022, 10:16:16 AM »
Hi could you please tell me how you report and delete posts from other people in this forum some guy in South Africa just posted 20 spam advertisements I would like to know how to report this person and delete their posts thank you for any help you might give

As Paul mentioned, there is a "report to moderator" link available.  As an aside observation, your very-numerous replies to all those spams complaining about them will not only never be seen by the original spammer, but are in themselves bandwidth-consuming spam.

General Chat / Re: Spam, spam, spam, where did it come from?
« on: September 04, 2022, 12:36:21 PM »
I need some cash, can you send me a couple million? I promise to pay it back.

Sure!  How about some of the extra brides at no charge?  I can put them in a crate with some lettuce and air holes, and comfortably pad it with the cash.

RadRover / Re: 2020 Rover 35a controlker
« on: September 01, 2022, 07:10:10 PM »
Try here at EBW; I think it might even be a bit cheaper than Bolton (where I bought mine last fall) - don't know if in stock or faster delivery, but it's exactly the same unit last I heard:

You'll probably want the "full" Chinglish manual for tweaking, available here:

Many people here have installed these, so you can get tips for settings and installation by searching (try "35A" and/or "controller upgrade" to start).   There are also numerous YouTube videos on the topic.

RadCity / Re: Battery Charging Preference
« on: September 01, 2022, 07:03:30 PM »
Mine stays on until the garage approaches freezing in the winter, then it and the charger bunk down indoors for the winter, along with batteried accessories.  My battery's not simple to remove anyway, due to the ease of stealing these with a blank key.

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