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Rad External Battery Pack on Mission

Started by graefjon, April 02, 2022, 02:15:06 PM

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Hi Folks!

I am curious if anyone knows the compatibility of the full sized Rad External Battery Pack with the Rad Mission. I recall using this battery from my sister's Rad Wagon without any issues, but noticed on the Rad Website that it states the battery is not compatible with the mission. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this? I'd like to get the benefits of a larger battery for additional range. I'm not concerned about the additional weight.


I use one off my RR and works no issues. You just go farther.

Radio Runner

Weird. If it does work can someone answer why it is when Rad says it wont?



Quote from: Radio Runner on June 03, 2022, 10:10:32 PM
Weird. If it does work can someone answer why it is when Rad says it wont?

It is just speculation.

1.  To cut costs to the bone to bring a bike at a reasonable price, they never tested or got underwriter (or whatever regulatory or insurance) approval for different configurations of batteries and motors.

2.  It is such a loss leader, they don't want to deal with any warranty issues or complications. They don't want you to have too much fun and not buy another more expensive bike. They don't want someone to say I got 40 miles per charge from a big battery with this cheap bike, much better than a Rover.

3.  It is relying on the internal resistance of the small battery to regulate power - in an effort to keep the price low.  For example, (I am making this up), at full 500w power, it just connect the battery to the motor with switching but without any sort (or much) of other regulation and things are adjusted so that is 500w.  In other words, the circuit is not as flexible to keep the price down. The heat sinks are smaller, the capacitors and transistors are smaller, etc.  The margin of safety is lower. The connecting of a bigger battery (with lower internal resistance) will allow it to go beyond 500 watts or stay at 500 watts for too long - causing premature component failure.


I ended up buying the larger battery and have experienced zero issues so far. It is nice to have the extra range for those longer rides! I'll report back if I have any issues.


@graefjon how is the larger battery working out?  I'm now regretting buying an extra Mission battery as I will need to mount it on the bike. I've enjoyed keeping the bike on the lighter side and being able to do more off road riding without worrying about everything being ultra secure. Sorta wishing I would have found someone to buy the larger battery for me.

How much more range are you getting?

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