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did you use a torque wrench to assemble your bike?

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I plan to buy a 1/4 inch torque wrench to assemble my bikes properly, although I am tempted to put it together with just normal allen wrenches.

Curious how many people assembled their bike just using regular allen wrenches?

Depends on your experience level. If you've read the Rad torque chart and seen that none of the recommended values are significantly different from normal bicycle standard practices, and you have experience in applying those torques with standard hex keys, then you PROBABLY don't need to use a torque wrench (but it certainly wouldn't hurt anything, as long as it's accurate).

On the other hand, if you if you don't have that much experience, there are a couple of ways to get some:

1) Trial and error. You MIGHT eventually learn how to keep from stripping out threads and having parts fall off your bike (could take years and multiple bikes though).

2) Use a torque wrench (the preferred method of learning what specified torque values feel like).

I've found that some Rad bolt holes are a little crappy (rack & fender mounts in particular), often clogged with paint and some apparently had partial or dinged threads. If a bolt feels like it's going to exceed the recommended fully tightened torque value while your just running it down, it's better to chase the threads with a tap instead of just wrenching it in all the way. A torque wrench is an invaluable aid in learning stuff like this.


I used a regular set of Allen keys and spanners. The bolts under the centre console are challenging to remove, but the rest of the bike went together fairly easily.

I did assemble my bike with a torque wrench. I bought it for about $70 on amazon and I've used it many times since. However it is not large enough for the rear wheel nuts.

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I bought and used a torque wrench. A Venzo bicycle specific one. But I like tools and only had a bigger wrench.  I’ve got plenty of bike mechanic experience but talked myself into it due to greater forces on an ebike.


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