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Replacing the clear plastic wheel shelid


Hey all

Anyone Don a mod to replace the clear plastic wheel Shelids on the rad Wagon 4 ?

I have been looking at options for this a project for the future.

Keen to hear if anyone has replaced them

Replace or remove? I removed mine this weekend.  I hated the way they looked and never saw the purpose.

I have removed my side shield on the RadWagon 4
I would say they are there to keep riders (children's feet) out of the spokes.
We dont have any little feet to get caught so I removed it to be able to easily lock the rear wheel to the frame and to a pole if I go to town, post office etc.

With the shields removed a Kryptonite "U" lock is a great anti theft option!

I replaced the 4 screws that go thru the frame to prevent water getting inside the tubing, Small plugs would do as well.

My daughter, when she was a child, was riding on the handlebars of a bike in Indonesia and her foot got caught in the wheel/spokes and I had too get it out without hurting her any more than she already was hurt. Was messy and painful. Children never listen to their parents as we had said not to do this and she had her own bike! It just seemed to be more fun to do this?!


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