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Thoughts on RadRunner 3 Plus and Pricing

Started by Ryan, March 03, 2023, 11:29:13 AM

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I'm curious what everyone thinks of the RadRunner 3 Plus, especially given the $2500 price point. The Runner is one of my favorites in the lineup so it's nice to have one with better components. Any questions we should try and answer in our review? If you do decide to buy here is the forum's affiliate link:


Holy kreeeapp - $2,500 naked?  Doesn't even include a passenger pad/footrests except for launch-month promotion?  What is improved over the old Runners / Minis other than the hydraulic brakes and increased weight limit?  7-speeds and front suspensions existed back them and I don't regard an integrated battery as an improvement as it inhibits user upgrades.  Are the components upgraded to higher-quality parts?

Either Rad knows something we don't or they're not paying attention to the competition.  My initial conclusion is they're going to get squished on this model.

I hope you'll be sent one for a review and perspective comparing it to previous Rads and current competition, Ryan.  I'm also interested to know if it's still not possible to fully disconnect power with the key, or if that's still just a mechanical lock for the battery - a very stupid design "feature" when integrated batts were introduced.  It would be interesting to know how many Rads with this flaw have been easily stolen or damaged by a curious kid who started pushing buttons on a parked-but-powered-up bike.

Meanwhile, I think I'll head out to the garage and give my hotrodded and customized Mini ST2 another hug for its very existence.  Ever since that model was discontinued, I've concluded I dodged a bullet by buying it when I did, two years ago.

Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.

Radio Runner

The price is way up there for what you get compared to the regular RRunner. The key shorting electric al drama still hasn?t been addressed and the ?10%? extra torque is not enough for me to recommend purchasing it. Some will like the Hydro brakes but I don?t ride in wet sloppy slush. Cable actuated discs are darn powerful as it is.

Radio Runner

 Already a 200 dollar price reduction $2,299.00 now with refunds going out to early birds. Would appear they came in a bit to hot.

Water Doc

I am surprised that it has the same out of date display.  Color displays with blue tooth capability are becoming the standard for many eBikes.
RadMini4 and RR+


I'm a cargo bike type of guy. I currently ride a RW4, but I like the looks of the RadRunners and they're very popular in my city. However, I think this bike is still overpriced.

I'm a big fan of the hydraulic brakes, as I've quickly become sick of having to adjust my mechanical brakes every month or so. The rear rack has the pannier bars which is something I think the RW4 should have had. It is pain I've had to make a work around so that I can mount side bags and a top basket at the same time on my huge RW4 rack. But I don't think that alone is enough to justify the price.

While the bicycles are not completely comparable, I'd definitely go with the Lectric Expedition over the RR3P. I wonder what other step-thru adjustable seat almost moped style bicycles are out there? For almost a thousand less, you can get new-brand type bicycles that will smoke the RR in a hill climb, even if the overall package isn't so well thought out. 


Quote from: BeachWagon on March 16, 2023, 08:37:04 AM
I wonder what other step-thru adjustable seat almost moped style bicycles are out there?

I just saw the Juiced Hyperscorpion is on sale for $1899 30+mph 70+ mile range.  Not as much cargo room, but I like the mag wheels and headlight/turn signal setup.  $100 more gets you the Express one with the big rack on the back.  If I wasn't hauling a 5 year old, I'd probably have one of those instead of my RR+.  It probably needs to be registered/insured if it goes that fast.

Hydro brakes would be nice, maybe someday...


The Hyperscorpion looks like a lot of fun, and notice it has hydraulic brakes for considerably less, but the RR would still be more useful for me if I had to have one bike. I like the ability to haul a bunch of stuff without wearing a backpack, whether I'm going to the park to play sports, or to the beach, or just making a grocery run. Also, the RR has an adjustable seat so I can efficiently pedal it on the flat even if the battery runs out. I use my RW4 to workout all the time and my endurance has really improved.

Searching, I also found the Fucare Libra. It is heavier, but seems to be similar in spirit to the RR, sort of a utility/cargo frame. Can't say anything about the quality, and it doesn't come with hydraulics, but it is definitely more powerful for hill climbing or carrying a passenger and is a thousand less.

At least where I live, no one is enforcing the law with respect to powerful ebikes and licensing. I see kids and sometimes adults zipping by on the public streets on Surrons, which are basically electric dirt bikes, they don't even have the pretense of pedals. Most people ride in a respectful manner, even if their bikes are illegal. I think it is wise for Rad to sell bicycles that are set to be legal in most places in the US. What would be nice is for models like the RR and RW4 to have enough power and torque to keep chugging up steep hills when carrying multiple people or heavily loaded.

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