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Flat tire protection

Started by kris13iam, July 07, 2022, 06:46:38 PM

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Hey there,

So I read that the Expand5 has puncture resistant reflective tires. However some people recommend adding Slime or Flatout for extra protection.



I like Flat out better than Slime. Flat Out cleans up easy and last longer than Slime. Tannous Armor Sucks gets flattened out unless you let the air out of your tires when your not riding. I use Flat Out and Mr. Tuffy tire liners.

Radio Runner


I use Slime and I have never had a flat.

If I start getting flats I think I'll add some tire liners like Mr. Tuffy - but you really have to sand the edges or the Mr. Tuffy edge will puncture the tire after a time.  I am not sure of the actual reason maybe it is a puncture or rubber stretching over the seam with every inflation. The end result is the same, you get a flat.  Sanding is a pain.  I've had good luck putting scotch tape over the seam where Mr. Tuffy meets itself.  One thing I don't understand is why Mr Tuffy is so darn expensive for a 3 inch tire.  I would have thought that by now somebody would have come up with some generic polymer tape as a cheap knockoff solution.

I'll stay away from the foam stuff - seems like a lot of hype to me because the foam flattens.

If you use an expensive tire pressure gauge, I suggest you don't use it because the Slime or Flat Out will ruin the gauge.  I just let the air out of the tires and pump it up since I have a gauge in my tire pump.