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Bike-2-Bike intercom?

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Firemarshal Bill:
Anyone have any suggestions on purchasing a wireless communication system between 2 cyclists?  Something with a range of a hundred yards max.  What's available?  I don't even know where to search on line for such a comm system.  Thanks!

Radio Runner:
I have my amateur radio license so I use those frequencies and repeaters etc. if all you want is 100 yards then any FRS radio license free will do it for ya. GMRS is the next step up however there is a license fee for those frequencies. (GMRS Fee is $35 that includes your whole family, no test required)

You could use your phones? :)

Phone + bluetooth headset is probably the most cost-effective solution, but I can't find a way to get rid of the noise of wind and breathing.

I am now using Sena Pi (https://amzn.to/3QOiB0G). The good thing is that it doesn't really pick up any wind or breathing noise and I don't need to by a new helmet.

This is not a direct answer.  I just talk a little louder.  The beauty of an ebike is that you can all ride close together.  The slower person can keep up and the faster person does not have to slow down on the hill and overheat or exert more perceived energy slowing down.  If I want to, I just slow down or speed up to talk to my buddy and then, if I want, I can speed up again or slow down again.  That is my idea of a group ride on ebikes - where people want to hang out together and ride as a close group or a close subgroup.

The other choice is to use a phone - you can call using voice, pick up with voice, change volume with voice.  I change the names of my friend to single letters so the phone don't get confused.  Instead of say "call Anthony" and "call Antoine" I say "Call Mr. T", "Call Mr. J".  Also, it helps if everyone has a way to charge their cell phones on long rides.


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