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4 AMP chargers recommendation


Sorry if this has been discussed much but I did a search in the forum and didn't see anything.
I am setting my RW4 up for touring and I intend to do a lot of camping, some stealth some not. The idea of sitting in a McDonald's half a day charging one of my batteries does not appeal so I'm looking for a decent, affordable rapid charger. Any ideas? I run the Bolton ebikes controller if that matters. I appreciate any help I can get here.

RW4 set up for touring? Awesome idea! I have a RW4 so I'm going to follow your build and set up.

I thought of using a different charger for my bike as the stock one is too slow. I live in BC Canada and Grin Technologies has chargers you can set the amperage on for charging. I haven't bought one yet but for you they may be worth checking out.

I'll look them up tonight. Thanks for the info.


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